San Diego Comic-Con 2014 in Review


Can you believe it’s already over?? What a show! However, I am definitely suffering from PTCCD- or Post Traumatic Comic-Con Disorder. Symptoms may include, sluggish speech, slow mental capacity, narcolepsy, depleted funds, and obsessively checking the hashtag #SDCC on Twitter. Each of us invested a lot of time and energy into making the most of our trip to San Diego. While there were many ups and downs, overall I think the Comic-Con experience did not disappoint.

photo-6I spent most of my time on the showroom floor this year. I really enjoyed the layout of the space and the creativity of the booths. Some of the best highlights outside the Con included the Nerd HQ Fan Party, the Walking Dead Escape, SherlockeDCC, meeting some of the Gotham cast, and the Warner Bros Industry Party. There were 15 of us in our ‘CONtourage’ that have been attending Comic-Con from between 5-9 years together so this is a special tradition for us. From my 500th Article post, I made the offer to meet up for personal branding coaching sessions. The many people I met up with turned into amazing conversations and I look forward to what will come out as a result. Ending the con with my Battle for Multicultural Heroes panel was just icing on the cake. It was a great conversation with a stellar panel and an amazing crowd. I also spent a couple of nights walking the Hall H line in the wee hours. Here are some of the interviews of the experience (listen to more interviews here):

Finally, yesterday I asked you to share some of your favorite moments and this is what you said:

BtqdlNZCQAIzoqT.jpg-large“Meeting Lee Pace + Andy Serkis in line @ 2am :)” @Lauren_Gallaway

“Seeing the 4 min sneak peak of Age of Ultron at the Hard Rock/Samsung event!” @tabo4life

“Playing Duck Duck Goose with Max Landis outside Hall H.” @darrenwriter

“A cool TARDIS hockey jersey was made even cooler (signed by Matt Smith).” @rinkrat32

Btqm2YXCMAA7MkL.jpg-large“Sat 3am entry into B20 line was not without rewards! (Weird Al photo op)” @rinkrat32

“At Nerd HQ panel when Andrew Lincoln pointed at my BF and gave him a thumbs up… That was pretty cool :)” @TheEntertaiNerd

“My Hall H line group ordering Dominos on Thursday night. Thanks for the tip, Twitter folks!”

“Mass selfie on the #NerdHQ dance floor!” @Jen_Wills0513

“Met Jack Black on Wednesday in the Gaslamp! He was wearing a stormtrooper helmet.” @Jen_Wills0513

“Stuck waiting for train to pass Fri night. @robertliefeld was next to me. We chatted for 15-20min. Surreal.” @TheArtimus

Btqf1A1CQAEczWa.jpg-large“My Son got his @Avengers poster autographed by everyone, but no one noticed the picture” @cofphoto

“Seeing @TheAquabats members in normal clothing.” @lunatefossa

“Hayley Atwell asking to see my sister and I backstage at the Marvel booth.” @princesscharlie

“My UK Attendees Hall H line with EDDIE IBRAHIM! (Program Director of Comic-Con)” @EnglishmanSDCC

“Running into fantastic Mojo Jojo and HIM cosplayers with my punk Powerpuff group!” @sirose

“Getting invited to sit on Max Brooks’s WWZ panel in my Star Trek cosplay!” @AliMattu

BtqbWTACQAAwjfs.jpg-large“I’m not shy to admit: I squealed like a girl (Christopher Nolan appearance).”

“Saying hi to Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, & Mark Sheppard before their NerdHQ panel” @pattyreads

“Just walking into Hall H for the DreamWorks Animation Panel, no sleeping bag required! Amazing!! @AlaskaRainbow

“Meeting John Barrowman” @whaddupyammy

BtqaWNZIAAE_Vkt.jpg-large“Sat morning moving my legs as fast as possible to get to the JAKKS booth to get this” @JediHunter66

“Following Guillermo del Toro in the makeup chair for a livestream” @amy_geek

“High fiving Daryl from Walking Dead” @whaddupyammy

“Seeing a guy wearing only a g-string for costume was insane!” @jackiechc

Thanks all for sharing your favorite moments with all of the readers. I know there was many more out there so I’ll be asking for them in the future. With that said, I wanted to share my absolute favorite part of this year’s Comic-Con…

Friends02 Friends

Hands down it was meeting you all! I was amazed with how many people I met this year that expressed their gratitude for Crazy4ComicCon. I was totally blown away by the genuine thankfulness and thoughtfulness of so many of you. The fact that anyone would find value in this site and feel compelled to stop to share that with me was an overwhelming feeling. When I set out to start this site 5 years ago, I had no idea how it would inspire me as a writer and how it would connect me to so many. 500+ posts later, it has shaped who I am today, brought clarity for my future, and made me even more committed to the Comic-Con tribe. Whether it was moments, minutes, or hours with each of you, it was time well spent for me. Your graciousness and generosity blessed me more than I could possibly describe in words. I know my site is far from perfect and I know there are still tons of challenges with Comic-Con. However, with your help, I hope to write/podcast/vlog even better content for 2015. Thank you again for allowing me to be ‘crazy’ and it won’t be soon enough until I can see you again. Much luv and blessing.

Updated 8-1-14
I also just added my podcast review of Comic-Con under the podcast section.


11 thoughts on “San Diego Comic-Con 2014 in Review

  1. It’s not all over quite yet. Many of us, including yours truly, continue to post our findings. So, on with the postings and onward to Comic-Con 2015. Hope to stop by and say hello or catch your panel if you have one next year.

  2. I was actually somewhat disappointed this year mostly due to the fact that I only got Thursday and Friday passes. Two days is not NEARLY enough to experience or obtain everything that I wanted. Thursday was especially frustrating as everything I attempted to attend (24 autograph) or buy (Funko POPs, Hasbro Jabba the Hutt, Mattel Darth Vader hot wheel etc, etc) was either capped or sold out. Friday wasn’t much better as I was again shut out of Walking Dead and Game of Thrones autograph sessions. I barely got the JAKKS huge shadow trooper which turned out to be my personal best obtained item. I was also able to obtain a few items from the Funko booth on Friday only after arguing my way into the already capped line. I was at the booth ten minutes prior when they made me go away even though there was plenty of room in the line. When I returned, the line was full and capped! I argued that I was JUST here and you sent me away! After about two minutes of pleading my case, they caved in and let me in. Oh, another thing that left a bitter taste in my mouth was when I picked up my passes on Wednesday. I went to Town and Country and picked up my pass and my sons pass. After going to the hotel I noticed that our passes didnt have the numbers on the bottom that one needs to register for 2015. My hotel was closer to the convention center, so I went there to try and solve the issue. I explained what happened and they initially told me to come back on Thursday (Taking time out of my day for THEIR mistake) cuz I didn’t have a Wednesday pass. Then she told me I probably would not be allowed in cuz my pass looked fake!! I argued with her for about twenty minutes before she took my ID upstairs and had someone look into it and print out corrected passes. That was very frustrating to say the least. I also had hoped to meet you, but that didn’t happen either. Whew..sorry for the rant. I just hope I get 4 days next year, that would have helped me out a lot.

  3. Hey Tony thank you again for your posts. They were lifesavers. Wanted to comment I really liked the Hall H wristband policy although the distribution was very slow. On Thursday I made my way into line when it first opened and received my wristband at 8:20 p.m., twenty minutes after they began distribution. On Friday night I was by the marina restroom and received my wristband at 10:15 p.m. But on Friday i was told by security the wristband policy had changed by “the higher uppers with white shirts” and everyone who received a wristband needed to stay in line overnight. Security would enforce this by asking people if someone near them had left the line for an unspecified amount of time. The security guard also told me they would only allow people quick restroom breaks and would not permit people time to go eat dinner or to return to their hotel rooms. I told him this would be impossible to enforce and was unable to answer me as to why there wasn’t a formal announcement made. i did not stay in line overnight and was not told by the person who gave me the wristband about a change in policy.

    • I’m glad you thought the wristbands worked. It was a little bumpy but I think they will get it better this next year. Thanks for commenting!

  4. All I want to say is thanks! Thank you, thank you! I took plenty of your advice and divided my time between a lot of different events – including those offsite events. The exhibit hall floor was madness but I pretty much got everything I really wanted. The Funko booth was impossible (so much for that exclusive Hannibal raffel!) and the people at FOX weren’t the nicest but otherwise everyone was great. And I found you, Tony B Kim, on the exhibit hall floor. I got to meet Hellboy creator Mignola and sign my book so I was happy. As for the panels I took in some smaller panels (loved the Show It Don’t Tell It panel) and got into Ballroom 20 with pretty good seats on Thursday and Saturday. On Thursday I walked into Ballroom 20! Managed to do the same thing on Sunday for Hall H. As for off-site the Gotham zip line was brief but too much fun and I got into the Strain event on Saturday night and met del Toro! And so much more. I’m exhusted now but loved every minute. Thanks again for the advice and maybe see you next year.

    • Yay! Nothing makes me happier than when a newbie has a great experience. Thanks for the recap and I hope you can return for next year. Thanks so much for commenting!

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