My Favorite Part of Comic-Con and My Schedule

comic-conWell, can you believe it?  It’s finally here. After all the waiting, stressing, registering, buying, scouting, crafting, researching, tweeting, posting, and stressing some more, Comic-Con has finally arrived! These final 24 hours is a little surreal to me since it seems like the 2013 show was both a long time ago and just yesterday. I don’t know about you but always have trouble sleeping the final few days before the show- mainly because of a mixture of excitement, anxiousness, with a dash of stress. Yes, even after all these years. That’s one of the reasons why I love it so much. Even though this is my 9th year, the awe, wonder, and amazement is still like the first. However one thing has significantly changed over the years. Early on, nothing was better than seeing the Avengers cast, running the Walking Dead Escape, meeting Stan Lee, or experiencing the rest of the endless hype. While all those parts are awesome and will continue to be awesome, I have found something else more rewarding- meeting you all.

IMG_2316Over the years, hearing and reading your SDCC stories has really been an inspiration to me. It’s amazing to me how so many strangers, that live worlds apart, can have such a connection during a brief 4 day event. I think it’s because many of us share what it is like to feel the constraints of living in the Matrix while secretly fighting the nerd battles throughout the internet. Comic-Con is that time where we can all come out from behind our avatars and make real human connections. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the hype that Comic-Con brings, but I love reuniting and making new friends. Comic-Con is different than other shows. We all have to work so hard to make this happen that when we are finally there, it’s like a 4-day collective sigh of relief. I know it’s still stressful and exhausting, but I hope you make margins in your busy schedules to connect with fellow fans. Whenever someone stops me to say they have enjoyed my site or a specific post- it is music to my ears. The fear of any writer is that their work falls into a black hole, unnoticed or not appreciated. So I am grateful for your kind words, feedback, and suggestions. My intention is not to make this site about me but about us. Our first time, our tips, our challenges, and our victories. One of my favorite quotes says: ‘You can go faster alone, but you can go farther together’. So I hope this year, you take advantage of making significant connections with those around you. If you have a group, go deep. If you are going alone, take a chance. The best Comic-Con Exclusive money can’t buy are new friendships. I’m looking forward to making some new friends this week, please stop me and say hello. Here is my cosplay and event schedule below:

Jedi04 BtM0uSBCIAAfk1V.jpg-largeDW09 copy

I’ll be debuting my new Luke Skywalker RotJ swag bag suit on Thursday and Saturday. The Doctor Who swag bag suit from last year will return on Friday. While not in cosplay, I will be wearing my custom themed nerdy shirts.

Thursday: Her Universe Fashion Show and the Nerd HQ Fan Party
Friday: The Walking Dead Escape (6:30), Warner Bros Rooftop Party, SherlockeDCC Party, and The Last Ship
Saturday: (tentative to Hall H status)
Sunday: The Battle for Multicultural Heroes panel and Agents of SHIELD Fan Meet Up
Check out a full listing of the Offsite Events.

Breakfast: Broken Yolk Cafe
Lunch: Tin Fish
Dinner: Bolillo Tortas

Hope to see ya this week and have a nerdtastic show!

9 thoughts on “My Favorite Part of Comic-Con and My Schedule

  1. That cosplay is crazy awesome! Glad you are rerunning the suit cosplay from last year as well. I will be with my daughter in Marvel poodle skirt mashup cosplay on Friday (I’m Cap). I’ll keep an eye out for you! Have a great SDCC and thanks a million for the tips and just good ‘ole enthusiasm 🙂 You rock, sir!!!!

  2. Do you have any advice on how to take great pics while at a con? For example, inside a panel. I am referring to camera settings/flash, etc. Thanks.

  3. Hi Tony,

    I have been following your blog for quite some time and I just wanted to say you’ve done a great job. I look forward to your posts. Your site is one of the best I have ever come across. My only question or rather observation is that on your list of cons, I never see New york Comic Con listed. And throughout the entire time I have followed your blog, there has never been mention of it. Why? Other than that, keep on doing what your doing. It’s inspirational. Rock on!!

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