The Comic-Con Warner Bros Swag Bags!

The reveal of the Warner Bros Swag Bags is a time honored tradition before each Comic-Con. What started as one design has grown to 8, 10, and now 13 versions! Focusing on the WB TV properties, these are once again amazing and full of awesomeness. While there are no capes this year, they retain the ‘backpack’ configuration which makes navigating the floor easier. Leave a comment on which is your favorite!

BATMAN-CLASSIC-TV-SERIES-Comic-Con-2014-Bag-906x1024 COMIC-CON-SIDE-Official-2014-Bag-906x1024 TEEN-TITANS-GO-Comic-Con-2014-Bag-906x1024 FOLLOWING-THE-Comic-Con-2014-Bag-906x1024 SUPERNATURAL-Comic-Con-2014-Bag-906x1024 ORIGINALS-THE-Comic-Con-2014-Bag-906x1024 CONSTANTINE-Comic-Con-2014-Bag-906x1024 MIKE-TYSON-MYSTERIES-Comic-Con-2014-Bag-906x1024 FLASH-THE-Comic-Con-2014-Bag-906x1024 BATMAN-75-Comic-Con-2014-Bag-906x1024 VAMPIRE-DIARIES-THE-Comic-Con-2014-Bag-906x1024 GOTHAM-Comic-Con-2014-Bag-906x1024 iZOMBIE-Comic-Con-2014-Bag-906x1024 ARROW-Comic-Con-2014-Bag-906x1024

5 thoughts on “The Comic-Con Warner Bros Swag Bags!

    • The Flash one is my favorite- just because he doesn’t get enough love. Then the Batman 75 is second. Love them all!

  1. Though it is smaller and may make the navigation, I did not like last years, because it either didn’t have the inner “poster tube” from the year before OR it made the poster hang out the top too much for my liking. Plus, I usually wear a backpack that is more comfortable on my shoulders and having a second one wasn’t as good for me. That said, there are some good ones to choose from.

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