Road To Comic-Con Podcast Ep 03


Happy Sunday all! Only 18 days till SDCC! Here is my Road to Comic-Con Episode 03, the ‘Great Outdoors Edition’. Joined by my trusted geeky colleagues, @Nerdy_Something and @ScottNorth, in this episode we discuss Flash, Gotham, Constantine, and the Warner Bros line up. After that, we answer some Twitter questions from you, then comment on the latest Comic-Con **Exclusives. Check it out and leave your thoughts below! Mobile devices click here.

** Correction: I accidentally referred to the Funko booth being near the Hall A side, I  meant Hall H side of the showroom floor. 

3 thoughts on “Road To Comic-Con Podcast Ep 03

  1. Thanks for giving me tips for the POP! Vinyls…I will do my best to line up early so I can hopefully get a couple of the exclusives. Oh I asked this next question on your exclusives page, but Ill ask it here as well…Do you have any info on what booth we can get the JAKKS Pacific’s 31” Star Wars Shadow Storm Trooper? I don’t see a JAKKS booth listed on the official SDCC exhibitor list and this item is very high on my list of exclusives to track down. Thanks again for all your tips.

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