Monica’s First Time…

Happy 4th of July all! Monica shares her first time Comic-Con experience as not only an attendee but a Zatanna cosplayer. Check out her great story!

Photo-1San Diego Comic Con 2013 was my first convention, but definitely not my last! I’ve been a nerd/video gamer my whole life and I recently started cosplaying. I absolutely love The Legend of Zelda, Batman, TMNT, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and anything zombie related, including The Walking Dead. I’ve always dreamed of going to the ultimate nerd-fest with my brother. I was fortunate enough to secure a Friday badge for each of us. For personal reasons, we were only able to go for one day, but it’s a day we will never forget!

I was in complete awe at all the amazing cosplayers. The most funny, memorable event at SDCC was the Adult Swim Funhouse at Petco Park. Of the three exit points, my brother and I ended up crawling out of a “birth canal” and onto a gurney outside the funhouse. The other exits were: A giant slide and the dreaded karaoke cage. We were given a free photo of our “birth” and got to pick out a free customized Adult PhotoSwim t-shirt. We picked up lots of free, exclusive swag at SDCC by walking around and luckily being in the right place at the right time. We avoided big lines and crowds by checking out our favorite booths first thing in the morning. Our favorite booth was The Walking Dead prison.

Despite all the fun I had last year, I did experience some hardships. Because my brother and I were only able to go for one day, we missed out on San Diego’s night life, missed out on a few panels, and missed out on Nerd HQ. SDCC was exhausting for me, especially while cosplaying. I wish I had an extra pair of shoes or slippers for my aching feet. Due to all the excitement, my brother and I only ate breakfast and skipped out on lunch. Peanuts and soda was our temporary dinner until we got home.

Photo-2Everyone I encountered at SDCC was super friendly and I appreciate all the cosplayers that took the time to do photo ops. Of all the attendees, my SDCC hero is my brother. He showed great concern for my aches and pains, helped carried my swag bag, and stood by my side while I rested. My brother put my needs before his own despite my protests. All the hardships we faced turned into valuable lessons. We already started our SDCC 2014 game plan. We now have Friday and Saturday badges and we’re vacationing in San Diego this year. We’ll be able to do more outdoor activities and panels. Anyone looking to connect with me or my brother can follow us on Twitter: @Zombie_Rawr310 and @TurtleDude310

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