My 500th Post and Special Offer To You!


Today marks my 500th post for Crazy4ComicCon- and believe me, there is no one more surprised that I reached this milestone than me. I started this site over 4 years ago because I simply wanted to jot down some random thoughts about Comic-Con in hopes that it would benefit someone out here in the interwebs. There was no plan, no goals, and quite honestly, not a very good chance it would last much after the 2010 show. The proverbial time flew and somehow I ended up here. As I crept up to this 500th post, I pondered what I would share that I haven’t shared before… and this is what I concluded; I HATE WRITING.

Or at least I did. One of the biggest blocks I struggled with through my youth through to college and into my adulthood was writing. Heck, I never really fell in love with reading let alone writing. I was more of a visual artist and never learned to appreciate the written word. My resistance to writing soon evolved into a genuine obstacle and I soon found myself not just hating to write but truly believed I would never be able to do it. One of my WORST fears I had would be that something I wrote would be publicly reviewed and criticized. I wasn’t good enough and I will never be. So allowed myself to believe in the lie and that lie has had bondage over me for most of my life.

comic-con-san-diegoThen Comic-Con came into my life in 2006. Like you, I bathed in all of her nerdtastic glory- which could only be describe as ‘coming home’. After years of feeling like a misfit, it was the first time I felt understood and accepted. I’ve always felt like a weirdo but at Comic-Con, being a weirdo is not just ok, but it’s celebrated. However, after years of attending, I knew my love for this convention and my fear of writing were going to collide. I had a message inside of me and despite my intense loathing for writing, I could no longer suppress it. So like venturing into a deep, dark cave, I entered the blogging abyss.

I made a commitment with myself that I would write everyday for a year- no matter what. Every. Single. Day. And that’s what I did. I started up several different sites and I just jumped in the deep end of the blog-o-sphere. In those early months, it was as painful as performing surgery on yourself- without anesthesia! However, through the pain and criticism, every once in a while a positive comment would post on one of my various blogs… then another… then another. As a result, Crazy4ComicCon eventually became the favorite child and now gets my best attention. Before long, my intense hatred of writing became an unexpected delight. In fact, it has now become a ‘life giving’ part of my existence. When I go too long without writing, I actually feel claustrophobic and trapped. I have realized that regardless of the quality of my work, when I write for this site, I feel like I am soaring. It sounds cheesy but it’s true. I know I have a ton of improvements to make- my grammar is sucks and my speling is bad. But I know I am doing something I love. That’s all anyone can really hope for right?

Special Offer To You:
1011490_283632321777303_826096370_nSo for my 500th post I wanted to share something special other than quick trip down memory lane. I want to offer my experiences to help YOU find your own inner voice. I get asked a lot about how I got started, how to be different, how to ‘break in’, etc. A lot of questions that ultimately lead to ‘how do I do something that I love?’ I obviously don’t know all the answers but I can provide some helpful direction. Some might feel there should be only a few major gatekeepers when it comes to writing about Comic-Con, I am not one of them. I believe there should be more and more blogs and sites dedicated to share the stories, tips, and experiences of SDCC and other cons. Perhaps I can help you head in that direction. So what am I offering?

My goal is to have several casual meet-ups during Comic-Con with a few of you at a time where I can share more of my story, listen to your goals, and offer some advice on how to take the next step. Nothing fancy, just me helping you get unstuck. I have helped others in the past get over their own obstacles (I feared public speaking too!) and I would love to do the same for you. Based on response, I will probably have a few meeting times through the week of Comic-Con for short sessions. Seeing how there will be a LOT of line waiting, we might as well make it productive! This is what I love to do and it will be at a place that I love with people that I love. So if you are interested or have questions, then let me know. You can e-mail me at Crazy4ComicCon [at] Hotmail [dot] com for more details. While I would love to see celebs in Hall H or pick up an awesome Exclusive, what would bring me much more deeper satisfaction is having a chance to inspire or motive you in some small way. Looking forward to hearing from you.

“You cannot dream yourself into a character: you must hammer and forge yourself into one.”
-Henry D. Thoreau

Cosplayers image by Joits Photography  

16 thoughts on “My 500th Post and Special Offer To You!

  1. Friends of Comic Con International Forum (FoCCI) is having a Swag Swap / Dinner at the Harbor House Sunday at 6:00 pm, It’s good way of seeing a bunch of people in a very casual atmosphere

  2. That was a very thoughtful, well written and inspiring write up Mr Kim. As i’m finallly going back to SDCC after a couple year hiatus, i realized even when i didn’t go I still checked out your posts and followed your victories (candy runs @ Target) on twitter. So for all your posts and tweets let me honestly say “thanks for all your help and congratulations on your 500th post”. Hope to see you @ the con.

    • Thank you so much- it means a lot to me that you are reading even without going to the Con! This site would be nothing without dedicated fans like you. You are awesome and I hope to meet ya this year!

  3. Hi Tony, I hope to run into you again – maybe in the Ballroom 20 line, lol. Anyhoo, I plan on writing one or two blog entries about my 2014 SDCC experience, just like every year. It’s so much fun to ‘re-live’ the best moments! When you write them down, it’s like experiencing them all over again.

  4. I write processes and technical documents for my job, and struggle to write personal blog entries. It seems to flow great in my brain, but then it stops short of flowing from the brain to my fingers. But I’m still plugging away. You’re an inspiration as well as a fount of great attitude and comic con knowledge. Thanks for sharing the story behind the stories! Hope I get to run into you again this year in SD.

    • Thanks for sharing your story- yea, it is so hard to write when you have to write for a living. Often times you have to generate your own inspiration instead of waiting for it. Keep plugging away and thanks for commenting!

  5. As someone who hates writing and is trying to get into the gaming/movie aspect of Blogging, this makes me feel better. You always get the people who this comes naturally to, and then you get people like me who hates English Composition with a passion.

    Congratulations Tony!

    • Thanks so much. Yea, the more you do it and the more response you get, the more you will fall in love. It’s a strange paradox but it’s the truth! Thanks for supporting my site and thanks for commenting!

  6. Hey Tony, Congrats on your 500th post. I have learned a lot these past couple years. On an unrelated note, and you may have already learned this…On your large podcast, a reader asked about the shuttle buses and wearing his badge. He was told he didn’t need his badge. However, I tried to get on the free shuttle on a day I did not have tix for the Con Center. I had planned on spending the day with the offsites. One of the bus drivers actually asked if I had my badge, I said I didn’t, but was going to get it and they asked for my paperwork. Since I was not being entirely honest, I did not have it. So, even though it was for the wrong day, I went back and wore my badge just in case the next driver asked again.

    • Hey Derrick- and thanks for experience. Yea, my guess is that the experience will vary since the public transportation is moving a lot of people. However, your insight helps a lot and I will pass it on. thanks for commenting and supporting this site over the past couple of years!

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