Comic-Con Panel Design Contest!


I am so excited to have the return of The Battle for Multicultural Heroes panel at the San Diego Comic-Con! I have had the honor of presenting this panel at different cons all around the nation- most recently at WonderCon Anaheim. I am joined by an amazing group of panelists- professional cosplayer Linda Le (@VampyBitMe), comedian Andre Meadows (@BlackNerd), and clinical psychologist Dr Andrea Letamendi (@ArkhamAsylumDoc). However, in order to make this panel possible, we need your help!

The Contest:
We invite you to submit potential artwork to be the official promo for The Battle for Multicultural Heroes panel! It doesn’t matter if they are amateur, polished, silly, bizarre, or serious- but the more creative the better! By clipping the images of our faces (bottom of page), use your mad Photoshop skillz to composite our mugs onto any team photo. For example…who are ya gonna call???


The Rules:

  • Use the four pics below
  • Mash our faces into a funny pic(s) of your choice
  • Add “The Battle For Multicultural Heroes” and “San Diego Comic-Con”
  • Make it at least 500-600 pixels large
  • Summit by midnight July 4th, winner will be announced July 7th
  • Submit as often as you like! Remember, Weird is good but inappropriate is not 🙂
  • Send it to Crazy4ComicCon[at]Hotmail[dot]com or Tweet it to @Crazy4ComicCon

The Winner:
Eventually when the schedule is released, I’ll add the panel times, date, and location to the selected winner’s entry. However, all the submissions will be tweeted out by our panelists as they come in- but the final will get solo promotions after July 7th along with a prize at the panel (you don’t have to be present to win)! Your Twitter name will be credited in the final image as well! Artist, on your mark, get set,… *gun-shot sound*

The topic of multicultural heroes has definitely sparks some hilarious and spirited discussion in the past shows so you won’t want to miss this very unique experience at Comic-Con- more info to come!

Here are the pics of the panelist:




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