2014 Tip of the Day #12: Don’t Forget This Life Changing Tool…

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One aspect of Comic-Con that is sometimes overshadowed by all the mega-hype is the ability to make new connections. I’ve been to many cons over the years and the SDCC crowd is by far the most interactive and friendly. Why is that? Well imagine a marathon and the runners at the starting block. Sure they are cordial at first, but by the time they reach the finish line, they are celebratory, giving high-fives, and sharing their stories. Comic-Con is a little like that. After all the effort, stress, and anxiety, Comic-Con is one long 4-day sigh of relief. So fans talk more in line and are willing to make new friends. Professionally, It’s also a place to network and create new opportunities. Whether you are an emerging artist, want to break into the industry, or looking to hire a new employee, you never know who you might run into in or around Comic-Con. In Rob Salkowitz’s, Comic-Con: The Business of Pop Culture, he goes into detail about how the 4-days in San Diego is a huge potential open door for those seeking a future in the industry. A key moment or a chance encounter could change your life- are you ready for the opportunty?

The challenge with Comic-Con is that it is exactly that- a key moment. With the ebbs and flows of massive crowds or the pressure to be everywhere at once, its sometimes hard to have a meaningful conversation with a new friend, potential colleague, or special someone. And while it’s never been easier to text or tweet someone, that exchange is still a mental obstacle for some. That’s why one of the most helpful decisions I ever made was creating a Comic-Con business cards. I’ve been amazed with how often during SDCC I was soooo glad I could quickly pass on my info to someone interested. If you are a cosplayer, this is invaluable. Photographers or industry pros will want to connect with you but perhaps the crowds won’t permit for it. Being able to pass on your info quickly can really open doors for you. Let’s not forget those that meet that special someone in line or in a panel. Passing on a cool and creative card is a safe and easy way to encourage drinks later. Regardless of your purpose at Comic-Con, having cards with your name, e-mail, website, and Twitter handle is a simple thing that can make a huge impact on your future.

Moo CardsMoo Cards have been my preferred choice of cards for a few years now (mine pictured left). The mini-cards are small, unique, and are customizable. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on my cards and constantly get asked where I got them. Plus, imagine this conversation “I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan too! Hey, check out my cards…”. And inevitably, I get asked for one. Best part is how affordable they are- a pack of double-sided and customized mini-cards is only $19.99! Since Comic-Con is only 40 days away, you might want to order your’s soon since it take a week or two to get in.

Today’s tip, while simple, is an important one if you want to maximize your connection opportunities. Remember what they say about ‘luck’, it’s when preparation meets opportunity. So don’t be ill-prepared. If you have a great ‘business cards’ story at Comic-Con, please share it with us by commenting below. See you in 40 days!

5 thoughts on “2014 Tip of the Day #12: Don’t Forget This Life Changing Tool…

  1. I have the internet rule of commenting :Don’t dead Open inside

    I love these, fantastic idea. Thats why I like artists who put their art on their cards. Easier for me to remember why I liked them and who they were vs a blank card “me@something.com deviant art”
    I end up being too lazy to find them =(

    • Yup, after meeting a million people, you forget why you wrote someone’s email address down. That’s why having a card- especially a creative one is so important. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That is a gr8 idea!! Im really glad u posted this ,as ive been putting my battle plan 2gether 4 yearly Battle we call SDCC I never thought 2 even doing something like this. I would just like 2 say kudos 2 u my good sir!!

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