2014 Tip of the Day #6: I Didn’t Get a Hotel, Now What?!


For many, many fans traversed the last major obstacle on their journey to Comic-Con yesterday by securing a downtown hotel. Twitter was either a harmonious chorus of celebration or it was filled with the weeping and gnashing of teeth. Even though my ‘CONtourage’  was shut out for the first time, it was great to see many fans happy with what they got. You probably spent the rest of the day in denial but woke up this morning panic stricken with the thought that you might be spending 4 days sleeping in the Hall H line. Well don’t go to REI just yet, here are a few options for housing left to explore:

  • Travel Planners will do another sale of all the returned hotel rooms at the end of the month. The cancellation deadline is April 30th so it will probably occur just after that. Even though it’s just a couple of weeks away, I know that can feel like an eternity of anxiety as we creep closer to Comic-Con.
  • According to the Comic-Con site, Travel Planners says it will re-open housing on April 23rd- TP will make their ‘Early Bird Hotels’ open first before their general hotel return sale after April 30. The Early Bird hotel packages are farther out but it might work for some of you (I’ll update this as I discover more info).
  • Friends of CCI Forum is an great place to explore your options. The community posts hotel reservations they are giving away and offer all kinds of help in regards to housing. They are awesome folks over there and a huge help to fans.
  • If you have some time, Googling and calling hotels that are off the Comic-Con Hotel grid could work too. I’ve done this before and found a place that was near the tram route.
  • Twitter is a great way to pick up a hotel. By searching #SDCC and #Hotel hashtags, you can connect with someone willing to help. It’s another time consuming option but this has worked great for me in the past too.

So before you start shopping for sleeping bags and inflatable mattress, keep exploring your options. Don’t worry, there are hotels out there but you might have to commute in- which is better than trying to withstand the elements. As for my group, we are still working out our options but I have faith in the Comic-Con community 🙂 I’ll keep you posted.

4 thoughts on “2014 Tip of the Day #6: I Didn’t Get a Hotel, Now What?!

  1. Hey Tony always enjoy reading your advice tips. I did not follow the strategy of requesting the closest, least expensive hotel and submitting the form under 2 minute and still got my first choice hotel !! It took me 2 minutes 10 seconds to submit the form.

    Last year I secured a room in Mission Valley. It was the last hotel on the shuttle stop. The shuttle always arrived packed with people, even at 3 am, so i opted for a taxi I would split with other people in line. I only took the shuttle to get back to my hotel.
    Word of advice: if you stay in Mission valley arrive very early. I arrived at 2pm and there was a long line of vehicles on the freeway waiting to exit. And the road is a one lane which causes gridlock.

    Two years ago I stayed in La Jolla which worked better for me than Mission Valley. The commute was faster than the shuttle. I drove into Old Towne, paid for parking, took the trolley, giving me more control of my commute time to the convention center.

    • Ha ha, the Con gods favored you! Yea despite all the plans and strategies sometimes it just comes down to luck. Thanks so much for your advice and glad you got your first choice!

  2. BTW apparently some people have not gotten confirmations. They NEED to call TP asap because some payments didn’t go through.

  3. I agree with WolfMan. It is much easier to get to the convention from La Jolla. My theory is if you’re past a mile away, you’re driving anyway. Stay as far away as possible and park at the stadium. Stay somewhere nice, walk the beach and enjoy the ocean air. Condos and house rentals are a good option too.

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