2014 Tip of the Day #4: Cardio!


Getting ready for Comic-Con is a bit like getting ready for the zombie apocalypse- Cardio is the #1 for survival. This is one of those tips that I always emphasize early. If you are new to the San Diego Comic-Con, you can not underestimate the stress and strain of how much standing, walking, shuffling, and running you end up doing during the 4 days in downtown. ‘Con tired’ is a whole new level of exhaustion. After the end of a long day, it feels like you have been running from zombies all day- especially if you have been camping out all night or partying into the wee hours. That’s why one of the MOST VALUABLE things you can do now to prepare for Comic-Con is getting on walking/running regime. Being 4 months out, by just walking/jogging for 10-15 minutes a day, will not only have huge benefits on your health but put you in much better shape for tackling the Con. You might be asking yourself “Really, how bad can it be?”. A friend of mine used a pedometer one year and ended up racking up over 20 miles in less than 5 days! Yes, he literally ran a marathon at Comic-Con! Of course a lot has to do with your own schedule, location of hotel, and what events you are participating in, but you will end up walking and standing much more than expected. I know my Con experience has greatly benefited from running a few times a week- plus it will help me live longer, lower blood pressure, blah, blah, blah… So I know this Tip of the Day has really little to do with the Con directly but everything to do with your experience there. Besides, when the zombie apocalypse inevitably occurs, you will be in better shape then the average nerd 🙂

4 thoughts on “2014 Tip of the Day #4: Cardio!

  1. Tony
    You are soo right. I have never had more fun or been more exhausted. Last year was my first con and it lived up to and exceeded all my expectations but by the last day I was like a zombie. I actually fell asleep in mid conversation at dinner that last night.
    I am going to start walking in order to build up my stamina for this year. Can’t wait for July!

  2. Beware of blisters !!!, there is a lot of walking during the con. Multiple trips to your hotel, trips to go out and eat and get supplies (Ralphs, Horton Plaza)

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