Multicultural Heroes on the Geek Therapy Podcast

Screen shot 2014-03-18 at 10.03.05 PM

I was very honored to join host Josue’ Cardona on the Geek Therapy podcast this past week. Geek Therapy are an awesome group of mental health professionals that use comics and superheroes to help us understand ourselves and culture better. On this episode, I had a chance to discuss why I am so passionate about the ‘Battle for Multicultural Heroes’ panel that I have been hosting at different comic cons around the nation. We discuss the importance of role models, the dangers of stereotyping, and the ethnic challenges ahead in comics, TV, and film. If you are interested, I will be hosting the Battle for Multicultural Heroes panel at WonderCon in Anaheim (April 18-20).

Definitely check out my friends at Geek Therapy and make sure to follow them @GeekTherapy! Please comment below if you have any thoughts on this topic- thanks!

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