Matt Smith Panel at New Orleans Comic Con

MattSmith Interview

This past weekend, I had the privilege of participating in New Orleans Comic Con presented by Wizard World. During my first time visit to the big city, I was able to participate in some great thought provoking panels. In our Doctor Who Fan panel, Whovian experts gathered to discuss the past, present, and future of our favorite Time Lord. We discussed some great theories and met some great Na’leans fans- and gave out some great DW swag. In the Gaming of Thrones panel, we discussed the history of games, both table top and video, and what’s trending in the gaming industry. We then concluded with what are the key ingredients to a successful game as well as gave our favorite picks. A regular favorite of mine is the Multicultural Heroes panel where diverse artists and comic book creators discuss our ethnic pop culture history. It’s always a spirited conversations with a lot of historical pains as well as laughs. The highlight of the weekend was being able to moderate the One-on-One with Matt Smith. For the 11th Doctor, this was not only his first Wizard World show but his first ‘post-Doctor’ appearance at a convention since his finale episode in December. Meeting him backstage, as expected, he was perfectly kind and humble- very easy to talk to. The 45 minutes on stage flew by in a blink and the 3,700 fans did a great job asking awesome questions. It was a real privilege to lead the discussion and I am very grateful for Wizard World for the opportunity. Below are the clips from the episode and a couple of pics of us (special thanks to Kowcy for the videos and Wizard World for the awesome pics):




Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 4.20.02 PM
I almost left New Orleans without any of the local treats, but Chelsea, a Twitter friend, came to the rescue!

Next up for me is Sacramento Comic Con March 7-9. Check Wizard World for a show coming to a city near you!

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