Day of the Doctor Review

I am just now coming off of the high from the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who episode “Day of the Doctor”. Not only was it one of the best episodes to span the modern era of Who, but I had a chance to share it with two thousand of my closest friends at Austin Comic Con. My favorite moments of the episode was definitely the interplay between Matt Smith and David Tenant. Thanks to their performances coupled with brilliant writing, it brought the very best out of each Doctor and it showcased the potential of the show. I also thought John Hurt did an admirable job of being similar yet distinct from the future versions of himself. Overall, Moffatt did a brilliant job balancing modern/classic Who, creating a fun adventure, having high stakes, and pausing for thoughtful nostalgic moments. Brilliant for sure! I posted the YouTube review from Emergency Awesome- which I 100% agreed with everything he said. Leave a comment and let me know you thoughts below!

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