October’s Loot Crate: SURVIVE

20131111-223120.jpgOctober’s Loot Crate was a fun one! It was appropriately titled ‘Survive’ since it had a zombie theme. Perfect timing with the return of wildly famous The Walking Dead premiere. Here is the unboxing- enjoy!

20131111-223246.jpgFirst was the “Ewoking Dead” T-shirt from GraphicLab. Super cute and super deadly!

20131111-223322.jpgFollowing that was the book “The Zombie Survival Guide” by Max Brooks and Random House. No nerd bookshelf should be without this handy guide.

20131111-223333.jpgThanks to the Candy Warehouse, I have this gummy eyeball to eat or give as a creepy treat.

20131111-223347.jpgFor the 8-bit fan in all of us, here are some zombie retro buttons created by Loot Crate Labs.

20131111-223357.jpgNothing says I love you more than a “I Love Your Guts” card by OpenMe. Zombies are such romantics at heart.

20131111-223404.jpgAlso included were a couple of temporary tattoos of a zombie bite and a ‘not infected’ stamp- created by the Loot Crate Labs.

20131111-223413.jpgBe officially licensed with Loot Crate’s Zombie Hunter ID Card.

20131111-223421.jpgOverall, this was a really fun Loot Crate. This is ideal for the indiscriminate nerd who likes a little bit of everything. When you are a geek of everything, it’s nice to have random swag come straight to your door. For about $20, I think this is a pretty good deal. I look forward to the next Loot Crate and encourage you to sign up today! Check out there website for past crates and follow them on Twitter @LootCrate!

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