Gatchaman Cosplay Video

This past weekend, Stan Lee’s Comikaze took LA by storm. Like any comic convention, the cosplayers are the heart and soul of fandom. Linda Le (aka @VampyBitMe) and friends brought Gatchaman to real life to the amazement of Comikaze fans. Battle of the Planet was probably my first anime love when I was a kid. @CristinaViseu posted a great video that captured the dedication and hard work involved in the cosplay process. Not only was it an epic team theme but masterfully executed. Linda Le’s Swan was already pretty epic but this time adding her crew took it to the next level. The Gatchaman team comprised of Dan Louie as Ryu the Owl, Yuto Akaboshi as Eagle Ken, Aaron Ng as Jinpei the Swallow, Jesse Yu as Joe the Condor , and Linda Le as Jun The Swan.

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