What is Captain American?


I was born here. We could have a new Captain America who is Sikh or black or Hispanic.

The Salon posted this fascinating article last week about a Captain America cosplayer wearing a turban. Despite the unusual juxtaposition of Middle-East meets West values, I think this article brings up interesting questions like “What does it mean to be American?” and “Are there limitations to who can represent our American heroes?”. Being an advocate for this type of multicultural conversation, I am fascinated by the spectrum of responses. Even over the weekend, the new Miss America was crowned– and it happened to be the first Indian-American ethnicity winner. Even as deserving as she was, the internet started it’s backlash by calling her ‘Muslim’ and making other ignorant statements. This is one of the reasons why I am so passionate about moderating the “Battle for Multicultural Heroes” panels at various Comic Cons around the nation (next Ohio on this Sunday!). While we have made such amazing progress in the area of diversity, there is still much more work to be done. I love that pop culture can now be the back drop for it. Let me know your thoughts on the Turben wearing Captain America and the issue of what is inherently American. Read the full article here.


2 thoughts on “What is Captain American?

  1. The fact that the ignorant ones were the outliers strengthens my faith in humanity. The light can & will overcome darkness. What a wonderful article, thanks for sharing!

    PS. Have fun at Ohio Comic-Con! Ironically, I won’t be able to attend a con that’s a mere 2-hour drive away, but I hope to see you at SDCC2014 🙂

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