Comic-Con by the Numbers

Now that your back from Comic-Con, isn’t it hard to explain to friends and family the scope of what you just experienced? This is certainly no ordinary Con! So this is a tool to help you (and your friends) wrap your mind around the numbers of the San Diego Comic-Con- check out this infograph done by Entertainment Weekly’s Danny Spiegel:


5 thoughts on “Comic-Con by the Numbers

  1. Wow, that is so cool! I was surprised at how low the costume statistic is — only 3,900 attendees arrive in costume each year. I would’ve guessed more people than that dress up. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yea, that number seems low to me but not sure how this was compiled. It seems it would be at least twice that much instead of 3-4%. Thanks for commenting!

  2. The male/female breakdown was interesting. I think that back in the day when the con was actually focused on comics this number would have been much more predominantly male. Are more females attending because the con represents more aspects of entertainment (TV, movies, etc) or are there just more females these days with interests in geek culture?

    • I think many more females are attending because of their general interest in all things nerdy- including comics. People in general are more interested in Comic-Con because of TV and film, but I know some girls that are into comics too. The emergence of pop culture has caused guys and girls to fully embrace their nerdy side. When I first started going to Comic-Con, there were definitely less girls so it’s great to see the growth. Thanks for sharing and commenting!

  3. Reblogged this on geekz and commented:
    it honestly seems like there are way more cosplayers its also really interesting to see SDCC from the past and SDCC now

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