Post Comic-Con: Your Favorite Swag is…

This is a picture of all the SDCC swag we got! @GeekCrusade

This is a picture of all the SDCC swag we got! @GeekCrusade

One of the favorite parts of Comic-Con is the time honored tradition of SWAG (stuff we all get). Swag taps into the little archeologist in all of us. We search, hunt, and discover what might be a hidden treasure among the sea of over prices Exclusives. Most of it is ends up in the trash or in the back of the closet- but some end up being the cherished trophy to commemorate this year’s Comic-Con. Here are some of your favorite swag you sent in:

“It has to be the Sharknado tee I snagged from SyFy. Showing off my intellectual taste in film!” @The_Green_Key

“I have a collection of Psych comic con T-shirts and this year’s didn’t disappoint.” @Adieangel

“The free custom House shirts at the @GameOfThrones #JoinTheRealm! Kudos to the workers for making them so fast!” @Tabo4Life

BP_oD3FCAAAjzv_.png-large“My ‘House O’Toole’ shirt from #JoinTheRealm! (custom shirt from the Game of Thrones exhibit)” @WonderShannon

“The Samsung store was handing cases,speakers, and batteries for Galaxy phones users and #GOT personalized House of tshirts” @Jricekrispsy

“The FOX panel swag.” @Younghov63

“Fave SDCC swag? Nothing beats seeing my wife pull a red bead at Dark Horse to win autographs from the Falling Skies cast. It’s not swag, but my only real #SDCC2013 exclusive: BatBun by Giant Robot! Handmade and numbered 02 of 10!” @Brainwise

“It’s definitely a tie for best free swag between the Bates motel room keys and those Regular Show posters” @Williebates

“All the awesome Psych swag given for the midnight premiere of the musical and my cereal bowl from King of the Nerds. @Meshellv

BP_MYTJCIAAfquI.jpg-large“My Sharknado poster signed by director Anthony Ferrante! Heh heh!” @KBknowsbest

“My favorite item was my badge and lanyard from Psych The Musical. How could I forget the Psych slap bracelet?! I missed the initial giveaway in line but a kind fan had 2 & shared” @FatesWarn

“Superman 75th anniversary poster signed by JimLee & the MockingJay pin!” @Jahilianaire

“I loved the red solo cups from Community!” @Nicoleanell

“Kre-o transformers deceptecon figure also battle beasts purple hawk” @jcarbajal44

“I think it has to be the Fighting the Mutant Threat” poster, just love the art!” @GeekCrusade

BP_EJnvCIAAAMdA.jpg-large“Definitely this for me. (Governor eye patch, Walking Dead) @Sonya415

“Falling Skies poster signed by the cast with bonus Hope poster signed by Noah Wylie.” @Dangrdafne

“The overnight bag from the Bates Motel party!” @TashaPuffs

“Archer T-shirt. Game of Throne shirt looked good too.” @BluHeeler

“Game of Thrones custom t-shirt.” @ToddAwbrey

“The Catching Fire mockingjay pin from the Lionsgate booth!” @Roseclear

“Ridiculously soft DRN shirts for Almost Human FOX!!!” @Doc_riverloki

“Sharknado poster then signed by director and two actors who I can’t even identify…because…it’s SHARKNADO! Geek Mag booth” @Tudec

“Coulson lives shirt.” @Mmflood

“Not really Swag I guess, but I got Arnold and Sly’s autographs at the Escape Plan premiere.” @Azmatthews

“The religious tracks by the wack-o protestors out in front of the convention center” -Said no one ever

I know there is still a ton of swag unaccounted for- so please leave your favorite swag as a comment below. Thanks!

18 thoughts on “Post Comic-Con: Your Favorite Swag is…

  1. My NECA Jason figure exclusive and the Iron Man Mark VI bobble head are definitely up there. But my absolute favorites have to be my autographs from Stan Lee and Todd McFarlane and my Thanos sketch by Todd Nauck.

  2. Pretty excited about my complete set of ORPHAN BLACK pins. My husband loves his Dipper hat from the Mystery Falls panel and his Sharknado tee.

  3. I don’t know how it happened, but I found a Nerd Machine keychain in my backpack. There is no possible explanation behind my getting one of those, except maybe for reverse-pick pocketing. 😉 Someone was stealthily dropping swag in unsuspecting people’s bags! Another of my Twitter peeps got one the same exact way (unknown!). 🙂

  4. I got a free Godzilla t-shirt at the Godzilla Encounter for having to wait in line while Gareth Edwards was inside with the press. Favorite exclusives I picked up were the NECA NES Jason figure and my mini He-Man and Skeletor figs.

  5. My favorite swag was the How To Train Your Dragon 2 print by Drew Struzan given out at the Dreamworks Animation panel. Got it signed by the director and Mr. Struzan in the Fox booth too! Gorgeous artwork. Other favorites were the Mockingjay pin from Lionsgate and the Hobbit leather pouch with the coin from Warner Brothers.

  6. 1.Ender’s Game International Fleet T-shirt, a pin and dogtags – I even wore them when I went to The Battle School for the second time 😉
    2. Black Sails bandanas
    3. Haven pins, Haven police dept. patch. ( and the fact that people at Haven booth were really nice, there were never lines, no one ever yelled, the swag was there all the time…)

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