Post Comic-Con: Your Tips for 2014

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There’s nothing like good ole fashion experience that will let you know what is really important during Comic-Con. Whether it’s saving up money, bringing sunscreen, or packing different clothes, there is always something that I would have done a little bit different. Thanks to you all, these awesome tweets came in about how you would encourage others to consider for Comic-Con 2014. Together we are better- so great advice guys!

“Save more money and arrive early Wed to catch all the parties and spread out doing stuff so you dont overdo it like I did.” @MetFan012

“I’d recommend, even if you’re in a group, break off and do your own thing, that way everyone goes home satisfied.” @xxxCrazy4TVxxx

“Ask what the line is for. We saw a line 100 people long and the people working there said it was for nothing. Don’t be rude. If someone asks what you are in line for, respond nicely. Invest is a small foldable chair, your butt will thank you.” @N14CD

“Expect the unexpected! always keep your eyes open for celebs on the Exhibit floor or surprise signings/appearances” @Jahilianaire

“If you’re a photographer, have business cards with your social media links (Flickr, Instagram, Twitter) handy to give out” @Iampeej

“No matter how bad/tiring things can get, surround yourself w/good people & get over it! Complaining doesn’t make it better!” @ljkpark_kyungie

“Packing breakfast and lunch to eat in line and in panels. Saves money and time.” @Dangrdafne

“If you take your children, let them lead you! You’ll have a rich Con experience, plus its easier than fighting them :)” @Chonabo

“Go to Lolitas by Petco Park and get s 2-in-1 burrito.” @NITWPodcast

“You don’t really have to pack a lot of shirts because you end up wearing the new ones you buy anyway.” @Erin6541

“Whatever plans you make add 30 minutes to allow for crowd maneuvering… I was caught off guard by this for sure!” @TheEntertaiNerd

“‘Get your ass to Mar… sorry, to Social Media!’ It’s the best way to keep on top of everything happening, real time.” @lennyukdeejay

“No rolling backpacks in the exhibit hall. It just makes everyone trip” @lijeyeshaveit

“I sound like an old person but invest in compression socks for those who get swollen ankles from standing/in line all day” @Mangamak

“Come a day or two early if you’re coming from a different time zone, to allow time to adjust and defeat jet lag!” @shelleyann72

“Take a better camera!!” @mykifornication

“Be sensitive to other. My friend fumbled at Q & A in Hall H. A friend insulted him about it and it ruin his day. Uncool.” @Bluheeler

“Cardio cardio cardio. Prep ur body especially the legs. And stretch every morning n night. It helps wit any pain.” @Boogsmabear

“Invest in a poster tube. Insoles. Make friends.” @xoMiaMoore

“Do your homework before the con – lots of great resources to help maximize your enjoyment at the con” @CyberAug

“Don’t fixate on any particular item/event! There’s so much happening that you’re not going to get everything you want.” @GeekyHooker

“don’t want 2 leave 4 food go 2 3rd floor west terrace the convention sold better food for same price as cafe express” @I2adical

“Save up NOW. I saved up months in advance this year, but a good portion of that money went into fixing my car instead.” @Dvann562

“Make sure you exchange contact info with the people you meet” @JessGeekz

“Plan your schedule, be prepared not to see everything you want and wear comfortable footwear!” @Gary_Quigley

“Make friends with the people in line next to you! They’re great for passing the time & might give you cool tips :)” @KissofFools

I’m sure there are plenty more out there- so please leave your tip as a comment below! Thanks!

16 thoughts on “Post Comic-Con: Your Tips for 2014

  1. If you are going to camp out, regardless of the line, have your ENTIRE party show up at first. Make sure the people both in front of you and behind you see your entire party. This way, if you decide to camp in shifts, there won’t be any line jumping accusations. Just a small effort to save a LARGE amount of hassle.

  2. If you’re looking for a quieter place to sit and take a break, try the Cafe Express on the Mezzanine. You can watch the action at the Fan Tables, have a great view of the Exhibit Floor, and you can step out outside for some fresh air. It was a nice break from the wall-to-wall people of the Exhibit Hall and the tight quarters in the panels.

  3. A lifesaver for me was an external battery pack for my phone. I have an Anker Astro3E which can charge my phone 4-5 times before needing a charge itself, but there are plenty from which to choose. Whether it’s a case or a brick, a high-capacity battery to keep your phone alive all day while checking Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, taking photos, etc. is much easier than finding an unoccupied electrical outlet. If not a battery, then bring a power strip, that way when you find that elusive outlet you can share 🙂

  4. The biggest thing I learned this year was to be aware of the type of people you are going to CC with. Turns out my best friends were the type to have nothing planned and not ready to camp out all night, whereas I had my schedule planned to a T, and had been reading tips on your site for the two weeks leading up. I ditched them after Thursday for friends of friends and had the greatest weekend with a lot less of the frustration!

    Besides that though, battery packs for phones, twitter for lines/giveaways, ask the booth workers for sighing info, be polite, poster tubes for swag and foldable chairs (great for when the line is moving just fast enough that sitting on the floor/standing up just takes too much effort).

    • agree with you there – the friends I went with didn’t plan anything and just did it casually (I’d been reading everything I could find), but still had a good time though!

  5. Take a quick photo of items you like and may want to buy (esp. original art in the Comics/Artists Alley area of the floor) and the BOOTH # where they’re located, so you can retrace your steps and go back later. We saw some cool art on Day #1 — thought “oh, we’ll just come back later” and could never find those booths again in all the craziness. Big regrets!

  6. I would like some tips on managing and avoiding a migraine. I had one starting Saturday evening to Tuesday. I even had the “big guns” with me…Vicodin 10’s and they didn’t handle the pain although I felt like The BBT’s Penny after she came home from the ER with Sheldon for hurting her foot and she made him sing Soft Kitty.

  7. Tip for 2014: Use a Messenger bag instead of a Backpack whenever possible. #1 it is less sweaty. #2 people don’t seem to realize how big their backpack really is. I was run into by several backpacks, completely by accident. I was expecting the odd poster tube ninja, but not a double wide backpack.

    • I TOTALLY agree. I got backpacked lashed a few times too. I prefer the messages bag myself too. Thanks for commenting Mary!

  8. One more — the coat check service is brilliant! Use it to park your heavy purchases for the day, it’s only $2. Next year we’re bringing lunch for the whole family in a small cooler, and checking it for the day at coat check (okay, that’ll be $4 for the in-and-out, but still …) so we don’t have to lug it around all day long.

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