Huffington Post Panel on Superman/Batman


On Saturday the 20th, in the grand Hall H of Comic-Con, the Internet almost blew up with Warner Bros announcement of Superman/Batman movie coming in 2015. However even with the recent success of the Dark Knight franchise, Warner Bros is still in hot pursuit of the Marvel machine which is clearly in ‘Phase 2’. On the Huffington Post Live, we’ll be talking about the ramifications of this Warner Bros announcement, speculate about the Justice League movie, and consider what’s at stake for the future of the DC/WB universe.

Watch the 30 minute segment: Click here

2 thoughts on “Huffington Post Panel on Superman/Batman

  1. I hate to say it, but the latest Batman trilogy didn’t resonate with me (I prefer Burton’s vision), and I don’t plan on seeing Man of Steel. If other folks appreciated the latest incarnations though, that’s who these additional films are for and I hope that their expectations are exceeded. For now, I’m sticking to the Marvel ‘verse.

  2. Tony you did a great job on the Huffpost Panel but Im pretty sure the Avengers would hand the JL their lunches through a straw

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