Post Comic-Con: Your Favorite Moment at 2013


After 4 1/2 glorious days in San Diego, Comic-Con 2013 is officially a wrap. It’s hard to believe after months of stress, planning, and anxiety, the greatest convention of the year has finally come and gone. My brain is still mush! Whether you are con noobie or vet, SDCC is a roller coaster ride with many ups and of course, a few downs. Fortunately, it seems that the positive prevailed and most left with a grin on their face that could rival the Joker’s. Yesterday as I reflected on what I would write about after Comic-Con, I thought the best place to start would be hearing from you. So after a simple tweet, a flood of great answers returned highlighting some of the best parts of the con. Thanks all for sharing your stories. I also conclude with my favorite part of the whole show:

“Loved the Ender’s Game Experience- here’s our coverage of the incredible costumes!” @TyrannyOfStyle

“The exclusive Sherlock scene! Also enjoyed the fun and interesting chats w/strangers whilst queueing for hall H on Sunday.” @alientje

“doing my first SDCC right by waiting in Hall H line for 12 hrs for Doctor Who 50th panel! Hello, hard pavement bed.” @colleenaconway

“A guy gives up his Hall H bathroom pass so a 1st-time-attendee teenage girl, he did not know, could see Veronica Mars panel!” @SoCalDad

“Making friends in all the lines I was in. Sounds cheesy but had some fun and memorable convos with my linemates!” @tabo4life

“Seeing all the amazing things coming out in Hall H.” @younghov63

“Seeing Neil deGrasse Tyson at SDCC during the Cosmos panel. Bill Nye was also in the audience that night.” @Dvann562

“Troy Baker voicing Batman as Christopher Walken bduring the Batman Arkham Origins panel. Fantastic.” @Alex_Quevedo

“Being at NerdHQ and seeing Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman and Steven Moffat up close!” @joits

“Having JimLee and RobertKirkman sign my comics!” @Jahilianaire

“When @mishacollins caused a minor security concern outside with crowd “non-control” & security guys had no idea who he was.” @redteekal

“Final Dexter panel. Still sad to say.” @christian23cook

“Fave SDCC moment psychology of Star Trek Vs Star Wars panel with @ArkhamAsylumDoc and @alimattu.” @NITWPodcast

“I’ll go w the Hannibal & Orphan Black/NerdHQ panels. Everyone was so happy to be there.” @tmvogel

“Crying at Warehouse 13 panel when @EddieMcClintock was telling story of getting role of Pete & barely getting thru his tears….pulling the red bead to get an autograph signing with the Falling Skies cast.” @Dangrdafne

“Man, I’m gonna say Donald Glover’s suprise appearance on the Adventure Time panel and his subsequent song with Rebecca Sugar” @totallykyle95

“Workaholics panel!” @623_larry

“Henry Cavill showing up unannounced at the 75th anniversary Superman panel.” @ToddAwbrey

“My Son on the Marvel stage. Marvel guy “What is your name?” My Son – “Phil” (Dressed as Agent Coulson) @cofphoto

“Running into @Markgatiss at the Defiance Cafe yesterday. He was so nice and I am so grateful. SDCC” @SarJo87

“Mine is – after years of going to SDCC, finally being able to ask a question in a panel of one of my fave shows, True Blood” @sonya415

“Hall h saturday with all of the Xmen days of future past cast ♥” @dare2dream_lms

“Getting into Hall H Chute 2 for entry to Saturday’s EPIC panels (not ashamed to say I shed actual tears during the panels!).” @HiddlesEducates

“The Game of Thronesdeath montage video to the tune of Boyz II Men’s “So Hard to Say Goodbye” @accelerate

“The cast of Psych greeting their fans at the musical in a Wienermobile caravan =D” @CorrineTom

“I got a hug from Tom Hiddleston *gently rolls off cliff*” @IfIWereMagneto

“Serenity in the park at Nerd HQ” @eosiecki

“Getting pics with Sly Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger” @JediBananas

“Loki!” @readingdate


As for me, hands down my favorite part of Comic-Con was meeting you all. Whether it was in line, on the showroom floor, or in the Gaslamp, it was such a delight to chat with you and finally put faces and Twitter names together. Many of you were very generous with your praise of this site and I was genuinely humbled. Honestly, the fact that anyone reads anything I have to say let alone takes any of it to heart still kinda blows my mind. Crazy4ComicCon was really only started because of my belief in how awesome our community is- and you proved that to me over and over again this past week. I will never take for granted your loyalty to the site and I am even more committed to serve our Comic-Con family with greater resolve, heart, and passion. Look out Comic-Con 2014, the best is yet to come.

Leave your favorite moment as a comment below!

22 thoughts on “Post Comic-Con: Your Favorite Moment at 2013

  1. Getting autographs from Stan Lee and Todd McFarlane, but honestly so many great things from that weekend its hard to pick just one! I really hope I can get a ticket to next year! Fingers crossed!

  2. It was sooooo awesome to finally meet YOU, Tony!! So many great moments this Con – I don’t know where to start! Sneaking into the Walking Dead party and seeing Weezer and finally meeting Norman, Andrew and Steven. Finally meeting Aisha Tyler and Jared Padalecki at the live Girl on Guy podcast. Awesome dance parties at Nerd HQ. The super awesome Comedy Central fan party where I helped convince Adam DeVine to convince Comedy Central to have an open bar (even if it was only for 10 minutes ha ha!). Our awesome hotel that not only allowed dogs, but would bring a pet goldfish to your room! Finally getting to meet people in person that I previously only knew through twitter. Misha Collins jogging past the Hall H line on Sunday in his little blue shorts. I could go on and on and on and on…. 😀

  3. It was fun running into you on the floor – I know you don’t know me, but it was still fun, because of the surprise on your face. (I told you I recognized you because you had posted about your Comic Con jacket and you were wearing it)

  4. Congrats at getting Matt’s signature on your special “power suit.”

    Wicked coolly designed suit, awesome idea! Did you get my tweet? What time did you get in line for the panel for Hall H?

    I was there at 7:15 PM, on Saturday night, and still didn’t get good seats. I’ll be going through my pictures as usual, and I’ll send a link to you as well! Hope you’re well, and decompressing!

    I’ve got a great video to show you about getting through a comic com hangover.

    Best, Alex Zora

    – adz –

  5. I still don’t believe it happened but I ended up at a very small, private room party with none other the Michael Fassbender, Peter Dinklage, and Director Bryan Singer. I somehow stepped into the Geek twilight zone but it was so amazing and epic. After partying with Tyrion Lannister and Magneto, I do not know how this year will ever be topped for me. Most memorable evening of my life!!! Thanks SDCC

  6. Can you please include for your next year tips on comic con for people asking questions to remember what the hell they got up to the mic to ask. All people asking questions on Friday in Hall H forgot what they were going to ask. Also, this year people were short on patience. Lots more nerd rage. And please stress no open toes shoes. Lots of people wearing sandals, like the girl who i accidentally stepped on and still went off on me after i apologized.

  7. My son & I studied up on your tips before we went to SDCC this year — all invaluable! Especially your hotel tips!
    Learned something new — plan for additional time if you want to do the blood drive. Averaged 2 hrs this year.
    Best moment — seeing the Adventure Time experience at the Childrens Museum, and then exiting and running right
    into a very surprised JG Quintel (show creator!) Great photo op & pure SDCC moment.

    • So glad the site was helpful to you! I plan on asking for tips from fans so you’ll have to reply to that. Thanks for commenting and hope to see ya next year!

  8. This was my first Comic Con and it was all I hoped and more. I have never been so tired or had so much fun in my life.
    Thanks for all the good info you gave. It really helped me to navigate the con with success. Before I went I wasn’t sure if I would want to do it again, but now I know that I am hooked and want to come back every year.

    • That’s so great!! Yea, there no way to fully understand the magnitude until you go your first time- then you will be hooked. I’m so glad you had a positive experience and glad that the site was helpful. In the future, you will have to write your ‘first time’ story so I can post it on the site. Thanks for commenting!

  9. It would have to be running by the projectors at the Serenity screening at Petco Park and high fiving Zach Levi as we passed each other.

  10. My first SDCC and I can’t pick just one fave moment. Had to have been when we were talking to a guy in line waiting for Ballroom 20 for the Futurama panel and all the ones after it. Just talked about anything and everything really. I noticed just before we got into the BR that he had “Professional” on his badge. Imdb’d his name, yep I knew why he looked familiar, it was Kevin Sizemore from, Under The Dome! Not a HUGE character but still he was the nicest guy ever and didn’t make any mention of being on a show. Also loved just standing on the exhibit floor and people watching, such a spectacle for a first time con goer.

  11. Where to start? This year was fantastic! I got to meet YOU, Tony, first of all! As every year I enjoyed the Archer panel and this time they gave out free tshirts! Celebrity sightings on the train! Salvaging a disappointing night out Friday by going to the Flashpoint encore! Dancing at NerdHQ! Oh, and my first time at Jim Lee’s spotlight panel, which was just amazing! He’s such a funny, genuine guy, super talented, and just a huge geek. My friend buying me the Deadpool taco truck pack from Hasbro! Bryan Cranston showing up at the Robot Chicken panel! Being ON the field at Petco Park for Serenity! Old friends, new friends! Other stuff I can’t think of right now!

  12. my favorite moment: Orphan Black panel in 7ab during Q&A asked Tatiana Maslany to do me the pleasure and making my Con by taking a picture with me.. everyone in the room (predominately women) boo’ed me. I sat down looked up and locked eyes with her and she mouthed the words out “Of Course I’ll take a picture with you” The best part was the fact that everyone bombarded the panel booth and the moderator told everyone that was enough and the last picture was with a girl. Tatiana Maslany then pointed her finger in defiance and said, “NO! One more picture” pulled me up and we snapped a picture together. She changed my image of celebrities, she will forever have a dedicated fan in me. Thanks Tony you definitely helped me to conquer my first comic con. I’m just glad i ran into you friday night while you were twitting the conditions of the lines. Forvever a “crazy 4 comic con fan” I will definitely spread the word our community is a strong one

  13. I enjoy SDCC every year, but this was an amazing Con for me. I met some great people in the various lines. One woman offered to have her children pull tickets for me so that I could get some autographs. I now have several more Twitter friends that I can meet up with each year at SDCC. However, the highlight/highlights for me were getting to meet and take pictures with the casts of The Walking Dead, True Blood, Grimm, and Once Upon a Time. I also ran into other celebs over the weekend and took pics with Patrick Warburton, Sam Witwer, Max Thieriot, Dylan Bruce, Jeremy Shada (Finn from Adventure Time), and several more. Most of them were so friendly and generous with their time. I love getting a chance to meet my favorite celebrities and this year was the best!

    • What great stories! I’m so glad you had an awesome time- it seems to get better year after year. Thanks for sharing!

  14. My first SDCC, and thanks to the sage advice on this site it was better than I could’ve imagined. I can’t pinpoint a favorite moment, as it was just too amazing of an experience! Getting into Ballroom 20 for Agents of SHIELD and being entertained by the BBT & Korra panels before it, chatting & getting autographs from the Edge of Tomorrow cast, getting into Hall H for Doctor Who and again being entertained by the panels before it, meeting such incredible people everywhere I went who were not only genuine & kind, but were nerds/geeks like me! All of the amazing cosplay, and of course, meeting you in person 🙂

    This was a bucket list trip for me… a once in a lifetime. But after being there, I just have to go back!

  15. Well I didn’t want to relay my experience since I don’t know how well parts of it would go over but , guys and gals, I’m a newbie so…All of my good moments came by complete accident, sort of. I really wanted to see the Grimm/Person of Interest/Revolution panels. I was glad they were in the same room and right after each other. I didn’t have Saturday tickets so I hatched a plan. I have been known for this since I was 4. If all odds are against me in doing something, I will prevail. I voluteered at an exhibitor booth to “gain access” to the prize. I was told I would be able to get a pass but that didn’t happen. Since I am shy and easily frightened, I got scared. I knew what I had to do. I slipped in through the back way and got thru all of the “storm trooper” checkpoints (using my Jedi powers? I dunno) and actually made it to the line! I cut in line by accident but did find my way to the back of the line and thought I wouldn’t get in but I did! It was great and I got a few good photos as well!

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