2013 San Diego Comic-Con Survival Guide Podcast


My official 2013 Comic-Con Survival Guide Podcast is here! Partnering with my sister site @BabbleOn5, I am joined by 12th year veteran @NerdOutburst, Nerd HQ expert @TheSeanConnelly, and the Jedi Master of OCD, @Nerdy_Something. Collectively, we have accumulated over 25 years of con knowledge just for you! In this 55 minute discussion, we talk panel lines, shopping on the showroom floor, cosplay etiquette, what the big panels will be, outside events, and more. Thanks for listening and comment if you have any of your own suggestions.

Click here to download the podcast here

16 thoughts on “2013 San Diego Comic-Con Survival Guide Podcast

  1. Great advice as usual. You all have a great rapport and made it fun listening. Confirming that, if exclusives aren’t the objective, one can arrive after 6:15 on Wed. and get in quickly (rather than lining up hours early).

  2. Thanks for all the great advice. I will be attending for the first time and have yet another question about lines – but not for Halll H or BR:) I plan on attending several of the smaller panels and have read/heard your suggestions about getting there about 1 -2 hours ahead of time. Can you line up to enter the Convention Center when the doors open at 9:30? Where does that line start?
    I ask because the first panel I want to see is at 10:15. Do the smaller rooms have lines set up outside as well? Or is it one line to enter the convention and then a mad dash to the room you want to go to?

    • There are three basic lines- The most prominent one is Hall H, followed by the Ballroom 20 line near Hall A. Then the main hall line will be near the center of the convention center like around C-D. That one doesn’t form till maybe 6-7 and it’s mainly for Exclusives. That is the line you want to get into and make your way to your panel room. I doubt you will have any problem if you get there that early. Best of luck and thanks for the question!

  3. I don’t mind waiting in line, but others I am with definitely do. I want to get in line early but not so early that they get pissed off at me. So it looks like the line for Indigo is indoors though…right?

  4. Hey question, it’s my first year going to SDCC I’m wondering how to go about getting exclusives ? I’ve heard there are some tickets they give away for the lines I’m not 100% sure .

    Thanks guys

    • This is a little late since comic con just ended and I wish I could of gave this advice earlier. But if you go next year, certain big companies require either tickets or wristbands to be able to buy exclusives, this is meant to keep from huge lines accumulating on the exhibition floor. The thing is , these are usually given out first thing in the morning so you need to get in the exhibition hall line early (4-430am is a safe bet). For example, Hasbro is a common favorite due to their transformers and other exclusives they usually sell at comic con. To buy from Hasbro though you need to go directly to the hasbro line outside of the sails pavilion after they start letting the line move inside. In the line you will be given a ticket that will either say “upon opening” which means you can start lining up to buy stuff the minute you get on the exhibition hall floor or a specific time, these are the times that you can go to the hasbro stand and buy exclusives. Other companies will give time-stamped wristbands at their booths first thing in the morning especially if its going to be an artist signing. The time on the wristband is when you will be allowed to go in line and buy the kidrobot exclusive.

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