A Guest on the Stockton-Con Podcast


I was recently a guest on the Stockton-Con Podcast #13 a few days ago. On this podcast I share about my first San Diego Comic-Con experience, my passion for cons, and why I blog/tweet so much about con culture. Much thanks to JD and Mike for having me and for their contribution to the greater convention community.

Listen to the full episode here (my interview starts at 10:30).

The goal of Stockton-Con is to raise awareness of outstanding artists in the San Joaquin Valley area – and to give attendees the chance to experience Popular Culture (Comics, Card Games, Video Games, Cards, Anime, Manga, Science Fiction, Toys, Television and Movies). It is also Stockton-Con’s intention to raise awareness and funds in conjunction with the United Way and St. Mary’s Dining Room. Read more about Stockton-Con.

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