Comic-Con Pass Giveaway Recipients!

I am super excited and honored to announce the recipients of the Crazy 4 Comic-Con Pass Giveaway. I was so touched and inspired by all of the many video contributions sent in over the past 5 days. even though everyone couldn’t win, I consider you all “Crazy 4 Comic-Con”. After careful consideration, the anonymous ticket donor/judge and myself decided on the finalist. Congrats to all those who will now be attending the San Diego Comic-Con 2013!!!

Single Day Pass Recipient: Sarah’s Father/Daughter wishes come true! @sarahtv3

Single Day Pass Recipient: Joseph, your luck has changed. @NerdHerdJoe

Single Day Pass Recipient: Look out Gillian Anderson, Rachel and Elice are on their way. @EliceMarie

4-Day Pass w/Preview Night Pass Recipient: The epitome of Crazy 4 Comic-Con!!! @shawnpedersen

Below are a few Honorable Mentions. Sorry, no passes but major props for your creativity and best of luck for next year!

Honorable Mention: Will, the Force is strong with you.

Honorable Mention: Quirky, weird, and awesome! @AQuickOne1021

Honorable Mention: Julianna, many feel your pain 😦 @ScullyMulder

13 thoughts on “Comic-Con Pass Giveaway Recipients!

  1. I’m a very disappointed that I didn’t win, but luckily I have a contingency plan in case this happened. I know someone who volunteers at the con so I’ll just ask for a saturday pass. all I wanted to see was the new godzilla trailer live, was that so hard to ask for? I guess I should have made a video about that instead -___-

  2. So bummed I didn’t win! If I had known you guys were leaning more toward the sad versus the funny I would have gone that route! My sob story was a good one 😉 congrats to the winners and thanks for the honorable mention

  3. Even though I wasn’t a competitor, I did help out someone that had made a video. They really wanted to go to San Diego Comic Con and were even willing to travel from out of state to make this happen. They have been a huge fan of Sci-Fi, comics, superheros, and everything in between since they were little. They tried very hard and put a lot of time and effort into their video. And while they weren’t picked, they were a good sport about it. However, I can’t help but complain. Had he lost fair and square, I would be fine but the rules clearly stated that no video entries past 30 seconds would be accept, ” A 31 second video on Vimeo will not be accepted”. Yet FOUR of the “winners” are at 31 seconds. I know it’s just one second, but rules are rules and my friend tried every hard to make that 30 second video happen without just sitting in front of a video camera and giving a sob story. He made a very creative and unique video while most simply just recorded themselves talking (that alone doesn’t seem like they’re crazy about comic con). I’m not saying the others don’t have legitimate reasons not to win but I believe this contest was unfair in certain aspects and just want to get this out there.

    I hope everyone enjoys Comic Con and to the winners, congratulations. I just hope the maker(s) of the contest understand what I’m trying to get across and that they take this into consideration for future contests and such.

  4. Thanks for the honorable mention, but I really just wanted the passes. Because I never saw them. I come from really far away and now I may never see them…

  5. Congrats to all the winners! A true Viking can never show weakness, sadness or pain. I am pleased with my entry and will always remain a hardcore Berserker! Now I must plan my raid on Ragnar. Cheers to you Tony!

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