2013 Tip of the Day #24: Preparing your Smart Phone

Preparing your phone for Comic-Con is not like dusting crops- you can bounce right off of a star or fly to close to a supernova and that would end your trip real quick. Ok, I might be exaggerating a bit, but it is true that by not preparing your phone for Comic-Con, you can have disastrous results. If you are like me and have an obsessive need to tweet, blog, and take annoying selfies, then you need to make sure you adequately prepare your phone. Here are a few tips to remember. *A lot of these are in context to the iPhone so Android users will have to adapt it.

iphone_batteryBattery Life
Nothing is more important than making sure you have enough juice for the day. Even if you have a battery source (which is a must) you still have to be conservative. The congested network and wifi are slow as the Hall H line. A single tweet will spool forever running down your battery. Here are a few battery conservation tips to remember:

  • Turn down your brightness. I know it’s inconvenient, but your brightness drains your battery big time.
  • Turn off Wifi. It usually won’t connect anyways so having it search is just another waste.
  • Switch to a less used network. Downgrading to a 3G network will be less busy than a 4G- thus conserving battery life.
  • Turn off all the sounds- no ringer, tapping, or anything. Just have it in vibrate mode.


Make sure you put a password protect your phone. I know it’s a whip if you are not used to it but you won’t want to risk your personal info getting out during a crazy week like Comic-Con. Losing your phone is one of the worst things that can happen to you at a Con (except an eye stabbing) so LOCK IT DOWN.

One of the biggest preventative measures you can take is putting your contact info on your lock screen like pictured on the right. You can list your friends phone number, your e-mail, or which hotel you are at. By putting all your info up front, it greatly increases your chances of getting your phone returned. If you say “Property of Nathan Fillion” someone will definitely try to get a hold of you asap!

Last thing you can do is make sure your Location Services is on and you have the Find My iPhone App on another device- like your iPad or laptop. By inputting your Apple ID, you will be able to locate your phone right away.

autographthisicon150Autograph This App
(Free / $1.99) Nothing is worst than running into a celebrity and having nothing for him/her to sign. With this App not only can you take their pic but you can have them sign it as well. Besides being able to change the ink color, you can also share it directly to Twitter, Facebook, or through e-mail. Check out my earlier post for all of the Must Have Apps for Comic-Con.

These days storage isn’t too much of an issue but make sure your phone has plenty of room for Comic-Con.

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8 thoughts on “2013 Tip of the Day #24: Preparing your Smart Phone

  1. From experience, I can say that the staff at CC are great about getting phones returned! A friend lost a new iPhone in Hall H 2 years ago, and someone turned it in within the hour. I called, and a volunteer greeted me with my name! A surprised me was told they wait for calls to come in and answer the phones to facilitate a return!

    • Your right- I actually worked behind Lost and Found one year and the staff is committed to help as much as they can. Our lost items are in good hands.

    • Hi Tony – 1st ever comic-con coming up and wife and I are ramped up! I appreciate your smart phone app suggestions. It seems the android options are limited compared to the I-phone.

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