Alex’s First Time…


This is the last of the fan contributor ‘First Time’ stories- for the final one, I have something special planned.

My name is Alex Jahilian and my first time was SDCC 2011. I had been watching the coverages on G4 for the last couple of years, and made sure to go in 2011, even if it was just one day! Tickets were purchased after 3 hours online, hotels were booked, and we were set! I started following Con veterans on Twitter, like Shawn Marshall (@The_Con_Fluence) SD Comic Con Expert (@SD_Comic_Con), @ComicConBlog, and of course you Tony! You were the most helpful with not just me, but to all Con noobs and returners!

I decided to hop in line at 5:30 am on that Saturday, surprisingly i was one of the first 20 in line! Even the current pass holder line was short, so I felt great! Then, they opened the doors roughly an hour earlier than expected, and I was running through the convention floor in such excitement and confusion, I just stopped. I stopped in the middle of the floor, watching other people run to their panels, their Hall H line, retailer booths for exclusives, autograph lines, and i realized how happy I was! Watching Geeks, Nerds, Artists, Writers, Noobs, big, small, young and old having a blast to reach their first stop of the day. As crazy as it gets, it is so much fun to be in whatever line you need to be in! I actually became lost in thought throughout the day and did not realize how crazy Hall H gets, so I missed panels that day, still remember the Simpsons and Futurama panel I missed, but it’s okay, I was better prepared for next time!

Fox At Comic ConI snagged a few convention exclusives, new releases, and got lucky with Sideshow, purchasing the last Predator Scaled mask set! I was astounded by the cosplayers all day, becoming more extravagant and amazing, and stepping outside the con was quite the adventure too! Free events, giveaways, nerdy girls, Stan Lee! Oh, did I mention I met Stan Lee?? The only  thing that went wrong from that day, the company that took my photo with Stan never sent me my photo and lost it, 😦 But hey I still met Stan the Man!

I had become a Geek convert before this experience; StarWars Celebration IV in Los Angeles was what propelled me into Geekdom, and it has been the best times yet! Since then at all the cons, I have met so many actors and celebs that I never knew were so awesome and cool about meeting fans! Plus, I have met so many great people through Twitter and attending the cons, it has been such a great help and networking opportunity!

SDCC changed the game for me, and from that I have my Twitter covering mostly movies, games, collectibles/toys/exclusives, and comic news (@Jahilianaire) and have recently created a blog for expanded coverage!

Every year has new twists and turns and unexpected surprises and challenges for us Geeks and Nerdies to experience, but that is what makes our lives so incredibly awesome!

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