2013 Tip of the Day #14: Learn from Last Year

Last year, right after Comic-Con, I asked Twitter peeps to share lessons learned from their 2012 experience. Whether you attended Comic-Con for the first time or for the 10th, there are always things you would have done better. You might have learned to get into line earlier, worn different shoes, or planned out your schedule differently. We can’t go back in time but we sure can change the future. Here are your suggestions that you sent in 11 months ago:
  • “Get a hotel thats near the convention or at least near shuttle We were so far away from anywhere we relied on taxis :( “ @MrKickassmoves
  • “Make sure to get the pre paid prking close to the con and/or get a hotel next door” @Joyful_314
  • “Constantly check twitter for line updates” @mmflood
  • “Be sure to incorporate shuttle drive time into your arrival time for panels.” @VegasN8iv
  • “Bring safety pins. WB bags rips easily.” @cstrife77
  • “Bring two pairs of sneakers, at least.” @omaryanez
  • “Bringing an ice chest for the hotel saved us $ on breakfast/lunch. Even w/eating out for every dinner we spent $200 less.” @LadyAdeena
  • “Be there early. Get there no later than 6 am.” @TrulyGloria
  • “Bring back up cameras.” @mmflood
  • “Sensible and comfortable shoes is a really good “ @d2001hDennis
  • “Before lining up & potentially wasting time, make sure you know what the line is for by simply asking! :) “ @theladida
  • “Limit the panels, not spend so much time in lines.” @jcad6169
  • “Bring a nice compact sleeping bag for line camping. :-) Camping is the new early.” @eggplantpit
  • “If you are lining up at 5:00AM bring one of those fold up camping chairs. 6 hours sitting on concrete sux.” @4fullcreativity
  • “Snacks and drinks for the days! and dress light, no excess in the bags either” @Jahilianaire
  • “Have one “quiet” stay-in-hotel night. Partying / drinking four straight nights is brutal.” @accelerate
  • “Lessons for sdcc 2013- take several spare batteries for your cell phone.” @darth_stinji
  • “Five minutes can make a difference between #200 in line to #2000 in line.” @NerdyCruz
  • “Pack less stuff, get a smartphone (i think i was the only person without one), go with a friend who cares about panels “ @Violet_Lunchell
  • “Try 4 more meet’n’greets, every1 else will b in line for hall h or ballroom 20″ @bluinari
  • “Tip for service. The staff will hook u up & appreciate it a lot.” @Djewel710
  • “Double up in that vitamin C. It helps” @JediBananas
  • “I might consider taking the trolley into downtown. No more of that $25 for parking” @4fullcreativity
  • “Hit more after parties and nerd HQ more” @jetta528
  • “Having a lot of friends there makes it infinitely more fun!’ @joits
  • “Drink more water and bring the hoodie.” @MGShogun
  • “Get there even earlier in the AM (parking pass FTW), continue to see fewer HH/B20 panels, bring iPad instead of netbook.” @tmvogel
  • “Never get involved in a land war in Asia” @Vizzini

Okay, I added that last one 😉 Thanks all for your collective nerd wisdom! If you have any other tips, leave a comment! Read more Tip of the Day posts.

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