2013 Tip of the Day #13: Find Yourself by Being Someone Else…

This Tip of the Day was inspired by this quote that I read this morning:

“Nobody can tell you if what you’re doing is good, meaningful or worthwhile. The more compelling the path, the more lonely it is. ”  -Hugh MacLeod

To those still on the fence about taking a step towards cosplaying (costume play), Comic-Con is the time to go for it. You need to squelch your inner cynic and take this big step. Anyone deeply involved in the cosplay community will tell you, it’s much more than just dressing up, but cosplaying is about self express. It’s about taking risks and doing something outside the norm. Being ‘outside the norm’ is why Comic-Con started and is why it has flourished over the past 4 decades. Sadly, even your closest friends and family will not understand your desire to dress up and prance around in front of strangers. To an outsider, cosplay may look silly or childish- but I think there is nothing more mature and healthy than an adult courageously facing their fears. So with just under 4 weeks left to Comic-Con, if you are considering doing a day of cosplay, I hope you will take a step. Ironically, cosplaying as someone else will help you discover who you are. Here is a great video by the world’s best cosplay experts- the fans. Shot at NYCC, this is a great video by BuzzFeed that captures the heart and mind of the cosplayer community. I hope to NOT recognize you this year at Comic-Con! 😉

6 thoughts on “2013 Tip of the Day #13: Find Yourself by Being Someone Else…

    • Me neither- that’s why I am involving a friend of mine that does. It’s more fun that way and it will help me learn. Maybe you can put the feelers out and see if someone can help. Thanks for commenting!

    • Sewing may not be required … unless you’re doing a more modern era hero/character. I assembled 11th Doctor (Doctor Who) and Wash (Firefly) cosplays almost completely through thrift shop purchases and theater pickings. Take a look around your area (and, maybe, eBay) and you might be surprised at what you can pull together!

  1. I’m cosplaying for the first time this year (as a TARDIS and a Dalek) and have no sewing skills whatsoever, What worked for me, and might work for you, is getting a pre-existing outfit (be it a dress or a shirt or whatever) and embellishing it. For my TARDIS dress, I got a cobalt blue dress and mad some fabric made through Spoonflower (the signs and windows) and had the seamstress at my local dry cleaners sew them on for me. And then I painted the 3d panels on to the front and back of the dress myself.

    Another good resource is Etsy. You are guaranteed to find someone on there who can create what you envision in your head. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Mom, for those sewing lessons in sixth grade! I’m getting busy this weekend making a hobbit costume and a Robin costume for my kids, our first year doing cosplay at Comic-Con. My “costume” will not really be a costume, but it’ll be all right. Sewing isn’t cool until you need it. See you all at SDCC!

    • Ha ha, sounds like you are passing on the mom love to your kids as well. Thanks for commenting and I hope to see what you create at Comic-Con!

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