2013 Tip of the Day #11: Save Your Soles


If you have never been to Comic-Con and want to get the full experience, then one thing that is unavoidable is standing in lines. Consider it a rite of passage. Following in the literal footsteps of the generation of nerds that came before you. Standing in lines at SDCC has become a time honored tradition and is part of the lore of this show. However, the greatest sacrifice to all this line standing is your feet. Your feet don’t know exhaustion like ‘con exhaustion’. The endless shuffling, rushing, and standing takes an incredible toll on your body and by day 4 you may end up miserable. The natural way to prepare is to get a good pair of running shoes right? Wrong. insolesHigh quality running shoes is a good start, but the actual key to foot survival is insoles. The insoles of even the best pair of shoes will become impacted after a long day at the con leaving you wondering why your feet hurt so much. I get different kinds from foam, gel, high arch, etc. By swapping different types of high quality insoles in your shoes each morning, it provides different pressure points to your feet. Your insoles have time to rebound since they are not being used every day. THIS WORKS! Not to brag but I have great feet and no problems- but the con used to kill my feet year after year. Ever since I started this regime it has helped tremendously. With a daily dose of Ibuprofen to supplement, this approached has gotten me through many cons. Don’t get me wrong, there are still some aches and pains but not nearly as much as before. The best part is that by Monday my feet, legs, and back feel good.

I know this is a strange Tip of the Day since it doesn’t really have to do with the convention but the condition of your feet, legs, and body tremendously impact your experience at the show. Be prepared and don’t get caught flat footed.

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3 thoughts on “2013 Tip of the Day #11: Save Your Soles

  1. This has EVERYTHING to do with conventions. If you can’t move, you can’t see the convention. Excellent advice. I wonder if I can get my custom orthotics in different versions, hmmmmmm.

  2. That’s really good advice, I’m going to try that this year. And it’s definitely true that the lines are a rite of passage. Another rite of passage is under-estimating the time you need to stand in line and doing the epic, blocks-long walk to the end as your heart drops.

    Also, the funny thing about the picture you chose to use for this post is that those people aren’t even in line for a panel – they are waiting for the shuttles to get back to their hotels!

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