Emily’s First Time…

Screen shot 2013-06-10 at 9.04.53 PMMy first and only time (thus far, attending 2013, DUH!) at San Diego Comic-Con was last year, 2012. And what a spectacular experience it was! I’d been dreaming about attending SDCC since I became a “Bones” and “Castle” fan many years ago. I would pull up the fan-recorded panel videos and basically swoon over the cast and all the great sneaks, BTS, and inside jokes that were shared. At that time, the only reason I wanted to attend was for the abundance of TV show panels, signings, screenings, and swag. After volunteering at The Phoenix Comicon for two years, it all changed. Now I love to Cosplay, drool over the beautiful illustrations, and walk the exhibitor’s hall like a full-blown nerd!

I’m not gonna lie and say it wasn’t luck that got me admission to last year’s Con. It was seriously pure luck! See, I wasn’t just an attendee, I held an exhibitor badge courtesy of Zenescope Entertainment’s Marketing Director, Stephen Haberman. He is my biggest hero! While volunteering at PhxCc, I befriended the @Zenescope booth and figured it couldn’t hurt to offer my services at other Cons. Turns out, I was right and Stephen brought me on to do promotions and sales! There were many other kind souls at SDCC including: Ranjan (@panopticonisi), David the security guard, and of course Amanda, the best roommate any girl could ask for!

CosplaySince I was technically working the Con, it was really hard for me to hear other people talking about the exciting panels they went to or that they just got so-and-so’s autograph. I felt entirely left out. Zenescope was accommodating though, and let me have several breaks to walk around, take pictures, and collect swag! A random guy passing by the booth even gave me his “Fringe” fedora. SCORE! It was also hard staying at a hotel in Mission Valley, my roommate and I were almost always late for our 8am call time! Plus, we only got maybe four hours of sleep after trying to find the hottest party… which we never did.

Now for the highlights! I had to save the best for last. I don’t think you could get much better than this, but obviously I’m biased. Not in any particular order (except the best is last):

NFsigning-I got to Cosplay everyday (Sexy Librarian, Skimpy Snow White, and Scantily-clad Alice In Wonderland).
-Nerd HQ photo booth and drinks with Amanda.
-I sat front row at the “Nikita” panel (Thanks Ranjan, you’re such a gentleman!)
-Aforementioned “Fringe” fedora.
-Picture with Zachary Knighton from “Happy Endings”.
-Zac Levi waved to me and Amanda at Nerd HQ (*swoon*).
-Said “Hi” to Adam Baldwin and he responded, “Hi gorgeous, how are you?” (Holy Sh*t!).
-I GOT TO MEET NATHAN FILLION AT THE MARVEL SIGNING!!! I might have told him I love him, but really I’m not that creepy, it just came out!

I couldn’t have asked for better first time. I hope it’s just as magical this year!
Yours truly, Emily aka: @tvgoddess47

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