Nathan Fillion on Comic-Con

Nathan+Fillion+Firefly+Panel+Comic+Con+-nsaraJ6w01x“My first Comic-Con was when I first met Joss Whedon: He introduced me to that world and I’d never been to a convention before that. He and a bunch of the ‘Buffy’ and ‘Angel’ writers were all going down in a big van and he invited me along.”
                                                               Nathan Fillion 

4 thoughts on “Nathan Fillion on Comic-Con

  1. Had the pleasure of sitting pretty close (third row) for a panel with Nathan and Jewel Staite at Ottawa Comic Con. He totally gets what the conventions mean to the fans. You can tell he enjoys talking to and with the crowd.
    I also watched him at his signing table at that same show, while I was waiting in line for Jewel’s auto. He interacted with every single person that came up and seemed truly interested in their items (that he was signing) and what they had to say.
    Classy guy!!

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