Phoenix Comicon Pics


Over Memorial Day Weekend, I attended the 13th Annual Phoenix Comicon in downtown Phoenix, AZ. I had a chance to go to some great panels, moderate some panels, and of course, see some awesome cosplay. In recent years, the strength of PhxCC has been the large amount of programming hours dedicated to the show. I really enjoyed the premiere of Star Trek Continues- the continual voyages of the USS Enterprise. Clearly, Phoenix Comicon hit a new high with attendance because on Saturday it was CRAZY busy. At some points, the building was closed down due to over crowdedness! The weekend concluded with an exciting emergency evacuation which turned out to be a false alarm. Overall, I had a great time and loved being a part of the staff this year. I hope to return next year!

image-4 image-8 image-3 image-7 image-6 image-2 image-1image-5
I made sure to shoot first this time…

The Doctor Who panel that I moderated filled up 10 minutes before the start of the panel! Sadly, we had to close the room. Not only did we get an amazing overview of the past 50 years of Who, we gave out a ton of great swag to those who asked questions. It was a blast!

My favorite part of going to conventions is connecting with Twitter friends. Here I finally got to meet fellow SDCC blogger Megan aka: @TheNerdyGirlie at the Doctor Who panel. 

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