2013 Tip of the Day #8: Must Have Apps

One advancement that has dramatically impacted ‘con-going’ has been the introduction of phone Apps. Now it’s almost like having your own personal Jarvis around when you get in trouble. If you have a iPhone or smartphone, there are tons of great tools out there to help you navigate a chaotic 4 days in SDCC. Now that we are almost 2 months out, I thought I’d highlight some important ones to give you time to download and get acclimated. I’m assuming you have the basic Apps like Twitter, FB, Google Maps, etc so I’ll skip those. Most of these are free unless I indicate otherwise:

UnknownComic-Con International
This is a must app for SDCC. Besides having updates, maps, and FAQs, you can customize your programming schedule for each day. This makes it so much easier than trying to skim through the Programming Book. It hasn’t been updated yet but should be ready by show time. Plus, the countdown timer is nifty thing to have.

My group of friends started using this a couple of years back. It’s a group messaging system so you don’t have to keep inputting your friends contact info every time you want to send a text message. It’s great to let everyone know which line you are in, where you’re eating, and if you are trying to find people near you. If you have a group of 6+ I would recommend this handy App.


Find iPhone
Obviously, if you lose your phone, any app on it won’t help you. However, if everyone in your group is using this App, it may save you locate it quicker. By inputting your Apple ID on your friend’s phone, you’ll be able to track down the relative location of your own phone (given you’ve enabled your GPS). This is nice insurance to have if the ‘lost and found’ doesn’t come up with your phone.

This is one needs little introduction. After a long day, the last thing you want to do is try to find a good place to eat. Yelp is the best way to get ratings of the local restaurants in the Gaslamp. But more importantly, Yelp will help you find restaurants that are off the beaten path. With thousands of attendees descending on the Gaslamp after the Con, use Yelp to help find places not so obvious. It will be quicker and easier.

Screen shot 2013-05-14 at 8.47.13 PMFind Your Car
(Not actual icon) For those commuting in, you may want use an App like this. After parking multiple days in the Gaslamp, it might be easy to forget where you parked. If you are unfamiliar with downtown, it will be easy to get turned around- and the last thing you want to do is extra walking after a long day at the Con. Find You Car will help you…well, find your car.

(Not actual icon) If your like me, the numbers in my mind and the actual numbers in my wallet rarely match up. So by using an App like Budgety, it will help you keep track of your daily spending. Little things like parking, snacks, and taxis can add up. So this is a great App if you are on a tight budget.

Screen shot 2013-05-14 at 8.51.09 PMZap-Kapow A Guide To Comic Books
($2.99) If you are at Comic-Con to do some heavy duty comics buying, you better have Zap-Kapow. It’s a great database of about 150,000 comics and provides the basic information like publisher, date, cover Price, story, art, and notable appearances. Best of all it has a pricing guide from good to near mint. No enthusiast should be without it at SDCC.

unnamedSan Diego Smart Travel Guide
If plan on doing a little sight seeing while you are in San Diego, you probably should download this handy App. This will create a personalized experience based on your interests, transportation needs, and schedule- while suggesting what to do in the city of San Diego.

Unknown-4San Diego Transit
And finally, if you are having to travel in using the SD Transit System, use this tool to help you navigate the bus, trolley, and special event routes. Fortunately, San Diego has a great public transportation system and this App will help you utilize it to the fullest. The most important part is having the schedule and pick up points so you don’t end up getting stranded somewhere.

If you are like me, you have ditched the digital camera all together and just use the iPhone. As you know, the functionality is quite limited. As you might expect, there are a ton of photo Apps out there now. I like ProCam the best. This free App offers much of the functionality as an SLR camera and makes the best of your limited phone hardware. This is the most complex out of all the Apps I listed so make sure to invest a little time into it before SDCC.

AutographThisIcon150Autograph This
(Free /.99) Nothing is worst than running into a celebrity and having nothing for him/her to sign. With this App not only can you take their pic but you can have them sign it as well. Besides being able to change the ink color, you can also share it directly to Twitter, Facebook, or through e-mail.

Con vets, I’m sure there are many more Apps that you have found helpful over the years while at SDCC or other cons. Let us know by leaving a comment below. Thanks for visiting and happy downloading!

10 thoughts on “2013 Tip of the Day #8: Must Have Apps

  1. I also recommend AroundMe. It’s very helpful when looking for a nearby ATM/gas station on the way to San Diego as well.

  2. I would add TweetBot – If you are on Twitter and use it as a tool at SDCC (like I do) it offers the ability to quickly jump between accounts, read tweets from lists, view saved searches, etc.
    I’ll use TweetBot over the official Twitter app any day of the week.

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