Great Moments in Comic-Con History: The Avengers

One of my most memorable moments in Comic-Con history, was the first time introduction of The Avengers in 2010. It was an extraordinary long day in Hall H. After several amazing panels like Thor and Captain America, the end of the day was interrupted with that silly pen stabbing incident. With the whole hall in lock down, we all waited about an hour for security to give the green light. Hall H finally resumed with a great Cowboys and Aliens panel and the day was seemingly over. However, Marvel Studio had one more trick up their tights. We were treated to a surprise presentation of the newly assembled cast of The Avengers. It was not only the first time the world had even seen these heroes together, it was the first introduction of Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner. Even though it was rumored, it was also the first official announcement of Joss Whedon as the Director. It was so ambitious that their was no way the movie could ever live up to the hype- well Joss made sure it did two years later. The room was electrified to levels I have never seen before and never since then. I will never forget this moment and I doubt anyone who was in Hall H will either.

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