8 thoughts on “Benedict Cumberbatch on Comic-Con

      • *gasp* j/k…like most, I first discovered him in Sherlock, which he is simply brilliant in. I highly, highly recommend Sherlock! I was also lucky enough to see his captivating performance as the Monster in Danny Boyle’s Frankenstein w/Jonny Lee Miller (who, ironically is now playing Sherlock in Elementary) when they did encore showings in theaters. If you’re a fan of Hugh Laurie’s earlier works, he played his son in 40 Something. More recently he was in the HBO/BBC production of Parade’s End.

        hahaha…you’ve got me started and total fangirl mode now =) I can’t wait to see him in Star Trek; I think he’s going to be brilliant as a villain character. Btw, thanks for quote! =D

  1. Um, I don’t think so. I think if legends like Stan Lee, Ian McKellen, The Doctor and pure geek royalty like Joss Whedon can accomodate con fans as well as they have in the past, Mr. Cumberbatch would be just fine.

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