Level Up: Best Advice Ever…


Chuck Close self portrait 1968

The advice I like to give young artists, or really anybody who’ll listen to me, is not to wait around for inspiration. Inspiration is for amateurs; the rest of us just show up and get to work.

If you wait around for the clouds to part and a bolt of lightning to strike you in the brain, you are not going to do an awful lot of work. All the best ideas come out of the process; they come out of the work itself.

Things occur to you. If you’re sitting around trying to dream up a great idea, you can sit there a long time before anything happens. But if you just get to work, something will occur to you and something else will occur to you and something else that you reject will push you in another direction.

Inspiration is absolutely unnecessary and somehow deceptive. You feel like you need this great idea before you can get down to work, and I find that’s almost never the case.


4 thoughts on “Level Up: Best Advice Ever…

  1. This is very true, I had started to run dry until I got a co-writer. It started as some competition but once I started working and keeping pace with this person I started to get more ideas and now we have several projects in the making.

    • So true. When I’m least inspired, sometimes I create the best work. It’s never easy but starting is the most important part. Thanks for commenting.

  2. It’s so true. Just a germ of an idea is not good enough for some people. You need to start somewhere. Another thing, some people collect germs of ideas, not necessarily their own but that’s another matter. Anyway, ideas are ideas. Some people stop there. They hoard them. They talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk.

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