Stan Lee and the Boston Tragedy


Comic creator Stan Lee posted these inspirational Tweets in regards to yesterday’s events:

“After today’s Boston tragedy, there is no way I can try to write anything humorous. I can only say that my deepest sympathy & most fervent prayers go to those who lost life limb or loved one. No words can assuage their grief but we must never rest till those responsible are caught and dealt with by the real super heroes of our time— our quick responders and law enforcers who never let us down— and who will, once again show the world that no act of terrorism can defeat us and no power on Earth will stop us from exacting a swift and mighty vengeance.”
—Stan Lee

One thought on “Stan Lee and the Boston Tragedy

  1. Stan is right. I wrote this on Tuesday. The terrorists did it on the day my first title , Age of Armageddon: The Spirit of Krynn from Author Bomb Books, was released in a horrible coincidence.

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