2013 Comic-Con Tip #2: Prep Your Tech

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If you have never been to Comic-Con before, one thing you have to prepare is your tech. Whether it’s for your phone, iPad, laptop, or camera, power is the key to survival during your 4 days. Here are a few things to consider now that we are a few months from the show:

  • Comic-Con is like the TV show Revolution- there is NO power for you to charge your stuff. Well that is a little extreme- there are a few outlets sprinkled around throughout the convention center but I would not rely on them. Some are in the bathrooms while others are already in use. There are typically no ‘charging stations’ so it is much better to plan on having no power available for the long days.
  • If your phone battery life isn’t usually a problem then it certainly will be at Comic-Con. With the sheer concentration of users, networks and wifi feels like you are in the Mutara Nebula. This means spooling data takes much times than normal. Just sending a single tweet can take forever let alone a photo or video. Before you know it, you are staring at the dreaded 20% red battery of death and it’s not even noon. Trust me, I’ve been there too many times.
  • Screen shot 2013-04-10 at 9.13.26 PMIn a later post, I will share some specific tips about conserving battery life in your electronics but until then, start shopping for a external battery. While there are a lot of different types out there, I have had good experience with the Mophie Case and Juice Pack. The Mophie Case is a durable case for either the iPhone or Android that has a built in battery. Once your phone battery dwindles down, the case battery will kick in to charge your phone. Performance varies with age and usage but you may get an additional 50% charge from it. The Juice Pack is a key chain size charger that can plug into your phone. It’s smaller and cheaper but will only give you about 30% charge. There are plenty of external battery choices as well but these are the smallest and lightest options (ranging from $40-80).
  • 61GHxV9NSHLNow if are a hardcore tweeter, blogger, or media guru and know you will be spending half of the con with you face in your tech then you will probably need a backpack/battery combo. This is basically like carrying an R2-D2 around with you. You will have plenty of power and storage for all your tech. They even have ones with built in solar panels (which would be perfect for Hall H). These will range from $70 to several hundred depending on how much of a tech geek you are.

The moral of this story is finding power at Comic-Con is like finding 1.21 gigawatts in the 1955. Don’t run around hoping lighting will strike- instead be prepared by having extra power with you. Any con vet will tell you that there is no place or time to charge and you will want to make sure your batteries make it till the end of the day. If you con veterans have other power supply suggestions, please leave a comment below.

11 thoughts on “2013 Comic-Con Tip #2: Prep Your Tech

  1. great tips! 1st #SDCC last year and my battery was always nearly gone by 2pm. horrible! esp when groups decide to split up. almost ran into a situation where I thought I wouldn’t be able to find my friends for a ride back to our house (we stayed far off-site). luckily we’ll be staying on-premises this year, but it’d be nice to not have to worry!

    • I’ve def been there. If you have no phone, it’s likely you will never see your friends again! Ha ha! Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  2. My con pals & I use a ZAGGsparq Square charger because we’re together most of our day at the con & it allows us to plug in 2 different USBs & charge at the same time. It might be a little bulkier than some other options, but we have different types of phones so it makes it easier for us in the long run.

  3. Great article. Amazon has great deals on all these accessories. Also, usually there are corporations such as CNET or sprint that have charging stations outside of comic con, but as you said I would not depend upon them, due to the huge amount of traffic there is during the convention. I am a huge techie and will require more energy then the average comic con attendee. Thanks for the tip!

  4. So true, everyone gets boned by this their first year! I don’t know if they’ll do it again, but last year Nerd HQ had charging stations set up that were total lifesavers. Sure, they’re off-site, but the stroll from the convention center is worth it when you’re forced off the grid by a dead battery.

    • So true! I ended up charging there too at the end of a long day. It was like zombies crowding a carcass! 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  5. I’ve never liked extended batteries on my phone, so I make it a point to carry an external battery pack like the NewTrent IMP70D. I’ve never exhausted it in a single day of ‘Con-ing, and I have juice (and an extra port) to share. One word of advice – if you use an external battery pack, keep your devices topped off throughout the day instead of waiting until they’re nearly drained to think about charging. Your gadgets won’t power up as fast as you want them to, and you don’t want to miss a great moment (or have it get cut in half) because your phone or camera is near exhaustion.

  6. Great blog; thanks! Last year those of us huddled around outlets were told we had to move because we were blocking access. It was very lame, since our backs were against the wall & we were clearly not impeding process. But, I made a few friends when I brought out one of those multi-plugs & asked if I could use that so about 6 of us could use the outlet (after we found another outlet that the guards didn’t object to). Got off my feet & made some friends as we waited for our phones to charge. Have a great Comic Con, everyone!

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