Bleeding Cool’s review of our WonderCon panel…

2013-03-29 14.24.20Aaron Hale wrote a great article on Bleeding Cool reviewing our panel at WonderCon called ‘Journalism and Comics’. Special thanks to Dr Travis aka @Superherologist for the invitation to the panel:

I’m old enough to remember when comics were seen as funny books: a disposable hobby that if you were still partaking in after puberty, there was something wrong with you. Since 1992, the Comics Arts Conference (CAC) has worked hard to dispose that myth, and to create an atmosphere where comics are seen as high-end art and literature that is worthy of study. In a sense, the CAC acts as an apologetics group that promotes comics not as a hobby of children but a medium that is serious and important. The conference is made up of not only scholars but also industry professionals past and present. In past panel participants have included such industry luminaries as Steve Englehart, Dennis O’Neal, and the real batman, Adam West. This year at WonderCon, the CAC had a total of nine panels, five of which I was able to attend. Depending on topic, moderator, and guests these panels were hit or miss.  My personal favorite was Session #2: Comics and Journalism.

svky2ej4c3l3pa6rsamdThe Session #2: Comics and Journalism panel had a strong moderator in Dr. Travis Langley, author of “Batman and Psychology.” Other panel guests were Dr. Sarah Boslaugh (Kennesaw State University), Alan Kistler (Comic Book Resources), Tony B. Kim (, Molly Mahan (, and Michael Wothan (Comic Book Therapy). You could tell there was a great vibe between the panelists even though many of them came from competing magazines and sites. Their love of comics showed from Alan Kistlers encyclopedic knowledge to Molly Mahan cosplaying as Black Canary. In essence, it was a panel of real comics journalists exploring the topic of their fictional counterparts in the DC and Marvel Universes. Read the rest of the article on Bleeding Cool.

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