Malory’s First Time…

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This nerd girl hails from the Great White North: Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  At the time of my first San Diego Comic-Con (last year), I was living in a tiny town in Manitoba.  I’ve been a movie-lover ever since my Dad introduced me to great musicals (Hair, A Chorus Line) and movies (Ghostbusters, Jurassic Park) at a very young age (read: 5). Growing up, I fell in love with anime/manga via Sailor Moon’s arrival on the scene.   I remain a huge Sailor Moon fan and can never resist a (barely) decent movie!


When I got back from San Deigo Comic-Con 2012, I told my friends and family that it was like I’d been to a place where everyonespoke the EXACT same language I did.  I was perfectly understood by whomever I met, no matter how obscure the reference I made.  I had brought a battery pack for my phone but ended up never needing it because I spent all my time waiting in lines talking to the people around me, which was definitely the high point (shout out to the guy from Scotland I met in the Fringe panel line who loves All Dressed chips).  I also accidentally cut to the front of a line to get a comic book signed by Joe Hill.  Many apologies!  I truly didn’t realize! Rookie mistake, there’s ALWAYS a line.

Also: ERMAHGERD Batmobiles!  (I actually watched the Keaton batmobile drive off the grass and down the road.  Dream come true!)

And I rode the elevator with Abed (Danny Pudi).

Staying properly fed and watered was probably my biggest challenge.  I think I completely forgot to eat the entire first day.  I’d even packed snacks and water with me, but was so busy taking it all in that I kept forgetting about it.

Wear.  Comfortable.  Shoes.

IMG_0512Most of all, I’d recommend the following: PLAN PLAN PLAN! Make a schedule with at least three options for any given hour. Get familiar with the panel room map.  Explore off site events.  Go to a party or two if you can.  Get on Twitter.  Have a positive attitude: you can’t see it all, but you can make the most of everything!

A few people really stood out for me at SDCC:

  • There was an artist who was giving away free sketches to people who had donated blood at the blood drive (donate if you can, you’ll be a better person for it AND you get swag).
  • A group of regular con attendees who worked for CGC gave us insider tips on where to spot celebrities.
  • The volunteers, workers at booths, and anyone else involved in putting on this amazing show: Thank them.  Again and again. It’s cheesy, but without them, there wouldn’t be an SDCC!

Can’t wait to see you all at SDCC 2013!

Thanks Malory! You can follow her on Twitter: @malorybryn

5 thoughts on “Malory’s First Time…

  1. Thanks for sharing Malory!
    I couldn’t agree more with you about talking to people around you in line and the importance of PLANNING!
    Did you talk to Abed? I would have totally said “cool, cool, cool” and just given him a nod.

    • I didn’t talk to Abed, I froze, and I suffered the “I didn’t want to bother him” thing. Also he was talking to someone else he knew in the elevator. As he exited, I gave a funny little wave. His friend saw it and was all “I think she wanted to say hi….!” and Danny Pudi turned around with this shocked and sorry expression on his face just as the elevator doors closed. That was my close encounter.

  2. Oh you got to go to the last panel for Fringe!!!!! Lucky, never been going this year but couldnt get tix. This should get me a super fan designation! Going but no tix. But i did meet John Noble with picture ! That makes everything okay!

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