Wondering about WonderCon 2013?

WonderCon is going head-to-head with the Bunny this weekend (Mar 29-31) to battle for Easter holiday supremacy. Previously being held in San Fran for the past 25 years, WonderCon returns for it’s 2nd year in it’s new location in Anaheim. I love WonderCon. I’ve been the past couple of years and it is the only show on the west coast that comes close to simulating the magnitude of SDCC- but with less people. Well, those days might be over. Two years ago, WonderCon sold out during it’s last show in San Fran with a record number of 50k+. Last year in Anaheim, it was a modest success bringing in around 30k+ attendees- not bad for a new show. However this time, it looks to bounce back with tickets close to selling out- 3 day and Saturday passes already sold out and Friday/Sunday are sure to go later this week. It is no surprise either. With the continual rising demand for passes to it’s big brother the San Diego Comic-Con, fans are in search of other shows to fill the SDCC shaped hole in their hearts. I plan on being there- the panel I am on, ‘Comics and Jounalism’ is on Friday at 1:30:

Screen shot 2013-03-25 at 1.14.07 PM

Hope to see you there! Oh yea, a few obscure fellas like Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion, and Guillermo Del Toro will be there too if anyone cares ;).

Check out the video above to get an idea of what WonderCon is all about. Click on the banner below to purchase tickets:



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