Tell Me Your First Time…


For many things, you will never forget your first time- especially if it’s the San Diego Comic-Con. My first time visiting was in 2006. I just went in for just a day, had no idea there were panels or celebs even there, and just walked the floor for a few hours. I was mesmerized and totally enamored with being surrounded with like-minded fans. It’s been my love ever since. I was privileged to work for the organization through a couple SDCCs and it even made me more crazy for Comic-Con (if you can believe it). Well, as crazy as I am, I know I am in good company with the rest of you. So my invitation to you is to share your ‘first time’ experience with me so I can post it on this site. My hope is to inspire many others through your stories and keep fellow fans motivated as we wait the next 4 months. Below is the criteria:

  • Cover the 4 H’s: Heritage, High Points, Hard Times, and Heroes (read below for more details)
  • 500 words or less
  • Include 1-3 photos of your experience
  • Include any info you would like to include like Twitter alias or website
  • Keep it positive and focused on SDCC

More on the 4 H’s: For your heritage, include your nerd history- long time geek or recent convert. High points, share about the most memorable experience at your first SDCC. It might mean meeting a celeb, going to a certain panel, or buying a collectible. For Hard times, share about the hardest part or challenges to overcome. Finally for Heroes, share someone that was a hero to you at your first SDCC. It might have been an actor you met, a friend that you were with, or a stranger that helped you out. I think celebrating heroes is an important part of Comic-Con as well as life.

Once you have completed this, send it to Crazy4ComicCon (at) Hotmail (dot) com. Subject should say “My First Time“.

Thank you again for your contribution- it will serve to encourage a lot of fellow fans and help other’s have a great ‘first time’ experience.


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