My Office featured on Comic Book Resources


I totally forgot to post this from a few months ago. Robot 6, a Comic Book Resources page, has been doing a special section dubiously called ‘Shelf Porn’. It features nerdy bedrooms, media rooms, and offices of geeks from all over the galaxy. These ‘man-caves’ (girls where are ya?!) come in all shapes and sizes with very impressive collections of comics, toys, and movie memorabilia. My home office is not as expansive as some since I opted for more of a simple and cleaner aesthetic. Here, in this fortress of solitude, is where I do all my Tweeting, writing, and blogging. I hope you all have a little nerdy space to call your own. To see my full office at the Robot 6/CBR website, click here.

6 thoughts on “My Office featured on Comic Book Resources

  1. Jealous! I have only just saved up the money to start work on creating my own writers den – At the moment I just write at my dining room table (not the most inspirational of spaces) – Can’t wait to have my own fantasy/word-nerd domain!

    • I never thought it would matter that much to me as a writer, but now it’s become my sanctuary- I hope you can create your very own soon. It’s been a therapeutic escape. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  2. And yet with all of the beauty of this room and contained in this room, my favorite collectible is the framed picture saying “Daddy — Our Hero” 😀

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