My Panels at St Louis Comic Con


In one week (Mar 22-24), St Louis Comic Con kicks off at the America’s Center in Missouri. Even though this is Wizard World’s first show in “The Lou”, ticket sales are strong and it looks to be a great convention. MO nerds, you won’t be disappointed so make plans to join us. For a ticket discount, take advantage of the LivingSocial ticket packages while supplies last.


One thing that makes this Con unique is the partnership with Image Comics for the production of variant covers for The Walking Dead comic. Combining the legends of Robert Kirkman and his groundbreaking, Eisner Award-winning comic book series, and Arthur Suydam’s unique and prolific work in the zombie genre led to the second in a series of exclusive Wizard World variant covers of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead #1 comic, provided for free to all full-price attendees. These can’t be purchased anywhere which makes them instant collector’s items. 

I’m honored to be moderating a few panels over the weekend. A couple of them are about writing and creativity which I am thoroughly looking forward to. Neal Adams has been a personal hero of mine and has illustrated many of my favorite titles over his prolific career. Here are the panels below:

Friday, March 22
As an artist, writer, actor, musician or creator, there is nothing more challenging than the development of the creative process. Is art birthed from the spontaneous or is it a result of a carefully crafted rhythm and structure? In this panel, writer Heather Brewer (The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, The Slayer Chronicles), writer Antony John (Elemental, Five Flavors of Dumb), artist/director Rob Prior (Heavy Metal; Spawn the Impaler) and comic writer/musician Jesse Snider (Evil Ernie, Toy Story), describe how to overcome creative obstacles and share their keys to unleashing creativity. Moderated by Tony Kim (ROOM 123)

Neal_Adams_002Saturday, March 23
Join fan powerhouse and revolutionary Neal Adams (Batman; Green Lantern; Green Arrow; X-Men; Superman) as he shares his thoughts on History, art and the business of comics and some of the things you should consider when trying to build a name for yourself in the industry. Moderated by Tony Kim (ROOM 120)

Sunday, March 24
Whether you are a seasoned writer or a brand new one, the journey of writing a compelling story is a tumultuous one. It often time ladened with all kinds of discouraging land-mines or creative dead-ends. In this panel, an experienced team of writers will share some of their secrets to not only completing a compelling story but developing habits to be a more effective writer. Panelist include: Rebecca Housel, Jai Nitz, Fiona Paul and Rachel Brewer. Moderated by Tony Kim (ROOM 127)

Hope to see you there! Click here for the complete Programming Schedule or go to the Wizard World homepage.

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