Preparing for the Feb 16th Badge Purchase

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This Saturday, Feb 16th at 9:00 (PT), badge sales for the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con go live! On Twitter this week, the anxiety has been growing but many are hopefully optimistic to score access to what has become the best pop culture event of the year. Overall, the progression of 2013 membership sales have gone smoothly for the organization of Comic-Con. In the fall, there was the previous 2012 badge holder sale. Then this year’s press and pros were approved. Now, the final phase- the new attendee sale . Because of the fall sale, there will be a significantly less memberships available so expect this process to go fast and furious. In this final race to the finish, many will play- some will win, some will fail. To increase your chances of surviving the games, make sure you follow some basic steps:

  • Remember, if you purchased a badge in last fall’s sale, you may NOT purchase another duplicate badge for yourself for twice the fun. However, you can attempt to ‘upgrade’ your badge. Doing so will cancel out whatever badge type was previously purchased.
  • You MUST have a Comic-Con Membership ID. This is like having a personal profile with Comic-Con. So if you do not know what this is, it’s too late to get one since the registration site closed a few days ago. Please do not take up a space in the virtual line.
  • If you are purchasing for another person, you MUST have their Membership ID and last name.
  • Children 12 and under do NOT need to register for a badge. They will be registered on-site (free).
  • If you have a Membership ID, an e-mail was sent to you with the link to the Epic registration site. If you didn’t receive it, check your spam folder.
  • There are many more helpful tips in the ‘Cheat Sheet‘ page of the Comic-Con website.

If you have never done the Epic registration process, it can seem a little daunting- but it really isn’t bad. Fortunately, CCI created a helpful instructional video to walk you through the process.

In conclusion:
I highly encourage you to read through the new (and improved) Comic-Con site to make sure you have covered your bases. Tickets will go on sale at 9 AM (PT). This means the ‘weeping and gnashing of teeth’ will inevitably follow shortly for those that perished in the hunger games. The truth is that many will be NOT be able to attain tickets this year. This has been the reality of the show for over 5 years now. My fellow fans, you know I love ya- but complaining about this obvious fact gets pretty old. The limited space dictates the amount of attendees. So unless, CCI invents some ‘bigger on the inside’ TARDIS technology, we all just have to accept this fact and not make it worst by complaining about it. Someday, an expansion might help but for now, we all have to just deal with it.

To all the new 2013 tributes: May the odds be ever in your favor…

8 thoughts on “Preparing for the Feb 16th Badge Purchase

  1. Lets say in this sale I can only get a Sunday badge. When they go for sale again later for the returned badges, would I get the change to upgrade for more days, or will I not be allowed to try and get tickets if I already have a ticket for one day?

  2. No multiple registration tabs on one browser. But could I have one on 2 different browsers using the same computer? 1 open in Explorer & 1 open in Chrome?

  3. Damn, didn’t even get into the room. Should I keep hitting the green button, or just let it sit and try to connect till it times out and then hit the green button again?

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