Casting Call: Emerald City Comicon


Emerald City Comicon is looking for a die-hard cosplay fan who has family that just don’t get what the big deal and the appeal is with cons. The show will have our fan bring his family member(s), in cosplay, to the ECCC so they can finally learn about the passion and love first hand.

This is going to be a great experience for fans, as they’ll be flown to the ECCC for free and their families might gain some perspective and respect and form a new understanding of this great culture! For more info:

2 thoughts on “Casting Call: Emerald City Comicon

  1. Thanks a lot for writing “Casting Call: Emerald City Comicon | Crazy
    4 Comic Con” Roller Shades . Iwill definitely end up being back for a lot more reading and writing comments
    in the near future. I am grateful, Alisa

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