LEVEL UP: My Nerd Year’s Resolutions


Here are my 2013 NERD YEAR”S EVE RESOLUTIONS- only 22 days late! I know you might think this is pitiful, but maybe I’m just 11 month early for my 2014 resolutions? Did you consider that before you judged me?!?! 😉 Like the title reflects, these are my NERD resolutions- so goals that relate to my geeky interests or directly affect my output as a writer, Tweeter, creator, or general contributor to fandom. When it comes to resolutions, I am less focused on ‘success’ and more concerned with creating a rhythm of forward progress. So in no particular order here are my top 10 resolutions for this year:

1. Start my 2014 Nerd Year’s Resolutions a month earlier– again, this is ridiculous

2. Embrace a posture of taking more chances, being more creative, and having a year of no regrets

3. Regularly committing to make others succeed

4. Finish my romantic ‘dramedy’ screenplay. This means I’m up by 6 AM on writing days

5. Finally start and finish Breaking Bad and Sherlock

6. Cosplay for the first time at SDCC

7. I ran a 5k last year so my new goal is a 10k by year’s end

8. Smile more

9. Attend more conventions than I ever have before and provide the very best Crazy4ComicCon coverage for you all!

10. No matter what happens, strive to reject passivity, accept responsibility, and expect great things to happen

I’d love to hear some of the resolutions you set for yourself. Please leave a comment and let me know! Love you awesome nerds!

3 thoughts on “LEVEL UP: My Nerd Year’s Resolutions

  1. 1* Brave to wear Slave Leia for Jedi’s 30th so I can cross that off my Cosplay Bucket List.

    2* Workout more and eat healthier (see above).

    3* Stop worrying if everyone else is having a good time at SDCC and enjoy it for me.

    4* Allow myself more time between commitments – avoiding the need to do too much at once.

    5* Spend more time looking at a beautiful view outside, less at photos of one on my computer.

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