San Diego Comic-Con Early Bird Hotels

Comic-Con 2013 Early Bird Hotel Sale Opens Wednesday, January 23!
Sale can be accessed directly from this page on Wednesday after 9:00 am Pacific time.The information provided below is to better prepare you for when the sale opens.

If you know you will be attending Comic-Con, and you want to save money AND get your room in advance of everyone else, here’s your chance!

We tried this program last year and it proved very popular so we’re doing it again! A limited number of hotel rooms will be made available in the Mission Valley and Airport areas.

17 thoughts on “San Diego Comic-Con Early Bird Hotels

  1. So you have to reserve a hotel without knowing if you’ll even get tickets? Are they refundable?

    And do you know of any inexpensive hotels outside of San Diego that you could get on a bus that has a route close by to the hotel that will take you to the SD Comic Con? I don’t mind traveling 20 miles or so if that means I can stay an extra few days due to the cheaper hotel rooms.

    • Yeah that is definitely a drag if you have not even secured tickets. Many folks had the same concern last year. This early bird is really geared for those who already have tickets … several folks do.

      There are plenty of other hotels not “officially” endorsed and part of the Comic Con hotel list (Travel Planners). I personally stayed at a Best Western in San Ysidro on one night and it’s about 20 minutes south and it was totally nice, safe and good.

      • Was there a bus route nearby? I would get a rental car if I stayed far away, but wouldn’t want to risk going without the extra insurance on it. As if you pay for all the extra insurance for the car rental, then might as well get a closer hotel and walk.

        • Don’t get a car- that is a pain because of limited parking. Google the SD TRAM instead. You can also call hotels and ask if they have shuttles- although that is risky too based on how busy their shuttles are during the Con.

      • I had a car so I can not say from first hand experience BUT yes there is a trolley that will take you from as far south as San Ysidro to Comic Con. The trolley service also covers many other areas North, East, etc. I was able to find last year’s link/schedule …

        Plenty of folks ride it. You will be with many friends and fellow comic con attendees!

    • Yup- but this is not the main hotel block that is within the Gaslamp- these are the ones farther out about 20-30 minutes. They typically have a full refundable policy but you have to make sure- they typically state that in the process. Fortunately, the tram is a great system. I have stayed 20 mins out and took the tram in- it was great and easy. Just Google it and they will have a map of all the routes, then pick a hotel near the desired location.

  2. Oh there is another reality here … the early bird rates are good until March 11 and I’m pretty sure the next round of Comic Con badges will be before then. So you may be able to confirm your badges and then you can quickly jump on the early bird hotels. Good Luck! Thankfully my family lives in SoCal so I commute in on most days so securing hotels is one less pain in the ass I have to worry about.

    • How much are those early bird hotels? I say probably more than I want to spend. I went to the NYCC, and I stayed in New Jersey as hotels were super cheap there. I stayed there a whole week in what it would have cost for one night in Manhatten.

      • The price will vary but typically you can expect them to be in the range of $150-300 per night. I don’t think it’s that much of a financial advantage but you will have to check to make sure. Just keep in mind that these are farther out (20-30 mins). They are capitalizing on people to solidify plans then wait till the more coveted Gaslamp hotels.

      • Tony’s right. I also would add though, getting the premium hotels in the Gaslamp, walking distance to the Con is madness. It has turned into as much of a crazy event as getting tickets. Seriously. It’s a lottery system, you are not guaranteed anything and you can not get a specific hotel, you basically put your name in a hat for a handful of hotels and you may get one, but not necessarily THE ONE you wanted. The early bird eliminates that headache as it is way less chaotic and insures you a room so you do not have to deal with that.

    • I would encourage you to come at least once without the kids. It’s such an exhausting experience that doing it as an adult would be best. Thanks for commenting!

      • I do both. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I went with my brother in-law and best friend. We stand in big lines, divide and conquer for exclusives, etc. On Sunday, I relax more and bring my 3 kids out and my wife and we check out the convention, buy some family items … bought my youngest a Totoro cape outfit, my other daughter a Happy Dinasour Jacket and myself a Batman hat!

  3. While we add hotel rooms to our existing blocks with each hotel every year, the hotels themselves have learned how many people come to Comic-Con and are reluctant to give us additional hotel space at a discounted rate. Once again, we expect that all the hotel rooms inside the official block will be gone within hours of the opening of housing. Because of that, for the first time this year, we are asking that you consider booking your room OUTSIDE of our hotel block, to better assist you in getting a room for Comic-Con.

  4. Do you know of where are some good locations to stay in LA? i.e. inexpensive but close to the attractions. I’m thinking of flying to LA since it is cheaper anyways, but coming out a few days early and stay/visit in LA. Then take a bus or train to San Diego for the Comic Con and staying there, then taking the bus back at the end of the Con to LA to fly out.

    Just trying to figure out where to stay in LA that is inexpensive but easy to get to Hollywood and other common attractions.

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