The Nerd Top 10 for 2012

It’s time to bid farewell to 2012- and no thanks to the Mayans, it ended great. As in recent years, it was the year of the geek and nerd. From movies, TV, games, and comics, the nerd ecosystem is thriving more than ever. There were many events that contributed to nerd-tastic 2012 so I can’t list them all but here are my top 10.

10. The DC 52

DC’s re-launch of it’s entire 52 titles peaked at the beginning of 2012. While not necessarily the game changer DC was hoping for, it did help bring in new readers and gain attention from old fans. Even though this was the year for Marvel in the cinema, this re-branding of DC was important to help them plant seeds for the future (Man of Steel, Wonder Woman, Justice League).

9. The Avengers

Nerd and non-nerd alike lined up in droves to see The Avengers earlier this year making this one of the highest grossing films of all time ($1.5 billion). Like the god of thunder himself, Joss Whedon willed lightning to strike and created what many consider the greatest superhero movie ever created. The Avengers will sit as the crown jewel of nerdom for quite some time and will fuel another generation of tights wearing superhero movies to come. In Joss we trust.

8. Completion of the Dark Knight Trilogy

DC/Warner Bros was no slouch in the movie business either. The completion of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy was quite an accomplishment. Dark Knight Rises may have not been as strong as it’s predecessor, but it did bring the trilogy to an epic conclusion- no easy task by any filmmaker. No doubt that Nolan’s take on the caped crusader changed the superhero genre forever. If anything it made inarticulate grumbling kinda funny.

7. iPhone 5

Like a raging battle in the Middle East, the ‘Phone Wars’ continued in 2012. The iPhone 5 was in the spot light in 2012 but Android and the new Windows phone also battled their way into the hearts and hands of many. Because of the new iPad and iPad mini, I still think Apple is winning the overall tech war- but regardless, the true winner in this war is us.

6. San Diego Comic-Con 2012

Like the ‘Tech Wars’, the Con Wars also rages on with the San Diego Comic-Con leading the charge. With conventions now happening almost every weekend somewhere around the globe, the pop culture business is booming. There are many fantastic cons throughout the year but SDCC continues to be the Mecca with the annual pilgrimage boasting 150k+. With combination of the  downtown San Diego and Hollywood’s involvement with the show, it looks like this 43 year old show will be around to lead us nerds for a long time to come. See you in July (if you can get in).

5. Game of Thrones Season 2

If season 1 was the appetizer, season 2 of Game of Thrones brought the hearty and very satisfying main course. Filling a voracious void left by Lord of the Rings phenom, this medieval/fantasy world has gained a huge rapidly growing following. With excellent writing and perfect casting, Game of Thrones proved that fantasy is so much more than magic and dragons…but those dragons are pretty cool.

4. Mass Effect 3/Halo

Speaking of games- The economy may be in toilet but not because of the video game industry. This year’s installments of games like Mass Effect and Halo have not only generated hundreds of millions of dollars world wide each but is also why personal productivity has come to a grinding halt. OK, maybe the video game industry is at fault for our economic crisis. Regardless, no one can deny the massive cultural impact these video games have had (and will have) on our generation.

3. The Walking Dead

2012 was the year of the zombie- thanks in large part to the success of The Walking Dead series on AMC. Returning to from a criticized season 2, season 3 delivered in major ways making it the highest rated cable show in history. The success of the show has also helped skyrocket the value of the Robert Kirkman comic book. Being dead has never been so cool.

2. The Hobbit

Hobbits are the nerds of Middle-Earth. Peter Jackson and the little guys are back with the long anticipated The Hobbit. Now turned into 48 frames per second and an entire trilogy, Middle-Earth is going to be with us for a while. While it might not be considered as strong as Jackson’s Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit does reminds us geeks (and the world) that being small, meek, committed, and kind can change  and save the world.

1. Disney buying LucasFilm

The biggest news of 2012 was the surprise purchase of Lucas Film by Disney- also known as the ‘day the internet blew up’. The future of the Star Wars franchise was starting to rot on the table until Disney shocked it back to life- especially with talks of Episode VII. The Force is strong but is it strong enough to erase the sour taste from the last trilogy? It’s a new hope.

While not comprehensive, these were the biggest events of 2012 for us nerds. Comment if you agree of have more to add to the list. See you in 2013!

11 thoughts on “The Nerd Top 10 for 2012

  1. You need to also throw in The Avengers. It’s the first time several super hero movies evolved into one giant super hero movie. It only made one billion dollars letting society know that us nerd are taking over the world. But a bad effect of it, SDCC and other Cons will continue to be over crowded. At least us nerds can walk with our heads held high and proudly wearing or fanboy/fangirl gear.

  2. Not to rain on anyone’s New Years parade but don’t you think comparing the conflict between phone manufactures and a war in the Middle East is a bit of a stretch? I don’t think that many people are being killed or returning with PTSD because they went with the galaxy 3 over the iPhone 5

    • Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend anyone. Clearly anything on this list pails in comparison to a conflict like the Middle-East. I was employing a commonly used tactic of hyperbole. I don’t ACTUALLY mean there are lives being lost over these phones. However, have you been to an iPhone release at an Apple store? It’s like the LA riots- oh dang I just did it again! I’m out of control like an Alkida terrorist- oh shoot 😉

  3. My bad Tony. Sorry for the hungover reply on my IPhone. I read it but guess needed to wait for the entire page to load. I appalogize to everyone for my bad. Don’t pull my card please

  4. Tony, I am wondering why does the 48 frames per second matter for the Hobbit? I saw this written out somewhere else as a critique but I don’t understand it.

    • This is the first film done in 48 frames per second verses the traditional 24 fps. That means twice as much information than what we are used to seeing. It hyper detailed which some have complained that it looks like a ‘soap opera’ feel. Whether it will stick around is yet to be seen but the experimentation is interesting. Hope that helps.

  5. You missed one … The Big Bang Theory … “our” nerd show … having such a main stream appeal it is the #1 comedy in America. They’re Hall H in 2013!

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