Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser

It’s been a long 4 years, but we finally get a look at JJ Abrams highly anticipated sequel to the rebooted Star Trek. In my opinion, the new Star Trek franchise is one of the few reboot/re-start/re-imagining that surpassed expectations at every level- and I am saying this as a HARDCORE Trekkie. Even though 4 years has been a long time in cinema terms, I’m glad that JJ took his time with it instead of rushing a ‘McMovie’ out to make a buck. Apparently from to this teaser, this Star Trek adventures seems to be much different than it’s predecessors- which is a good thing. We’ll be getting a longer version on Dec 17th so keep your hailing frequencies open. What are your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser

  1. Reblogged this on Dallas Fan Girl and commented:
    It’s here, it’s here, it’s here! Things are heating up for the next installment in the Star Trek movie franchise. Rumor has it there will be an extended preview before The Hobbit. A little extra motivation to hit the theaters…

    • The extended 9 minute preview is only at the IMAX Hobbit- which I am avoiding. I want to see it sooooo badly but don’t want to spoil anything more than what’s in the trailer. Thanks for commenting and visiting!

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